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Tam Tam Paris

Tam Tam Paris

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Tam Tam Paris


Welcome to Tam Tam Paris, a realm of vibrant rhythms and radiant hues sure to ignite your senses. A decadent escape nestled in the heart of the city, it's a melody-infused oasis that transforms any ordinary Wednesday into an exhilarating rendezvous.

Tam Tam sits at an enviable, central location in Paris, a beat away from the bustling city life yet secluded enough to offer a unique aura of exclusivity. One step inside and guests are instantly transported to a tropical paradise, resonating with exotic Rio vibes interwoven with Parisian chic.

The interior is both cosmopolitan and trend-setting. Lofty ceilings play host to abundant LED-lit wings, their iridescent glow brushing every corner of the cavernous space with enchanting colors. Arouse your senses with the complementary spectacle of special effects including three colossal screens providing an immersive, panoramic experience. Showers of confetti rain from above while cryogenic smoke eruptions add an otherworldly touch, all accompanied by the occasional spark shower for that extra glittering thrill.

A distinct blend of music infiltrates the atmosphere at Tam Tam Paris; from heart-thumping bass to soothing, rhythmic sambas, the tunes cater to every beat of your heart. Reminiscent of a fiesta in Rio fused with the elegance of a Parisian soirée, the music gets your pulse racing and your feet moving, an irresistible siren's call to the dancefloor.

The crowd at Tam Tam Paris embodies an eclectic mix of chic Parisians, rhythm-loving night owls and international thrill-seekers, all coming together in a harmonious whirl of laughter, dance and camaraderie. The vibe is electric yet welcoming, the energy contagious, making Tam Tam Paris an essential stop on any eager socialite's itinerary.

So, step into this sensual, high-octane paradise where the party never stops, and let Tam Tam Paris make your Wednesday evening an unforgettable one!

Updated on 8/8/2023


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23:59 - 06:00

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Tam Tam Paris

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Tam Tam Paris reviews

Thank you for this party! Unforgettable moments and just good sound!

Cora, 2/17/2020

It was a wild night! I went to Monsieur Cirque for my birthday party and I don't regret a second of it... One of the best nights of my life!

Stéphanie, 2/3/2020

An atmosphere of whew! An evening to repeat and without hesitation!

Frank, 12/30/2019


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