Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Paris in 2021

Cova Paris

Cova Paris

It's 2021 and you are traveling to Paris for the first time. You want to go out but aren't sure where to go. Have no fear! We have compiled a list of the top 10 best nightclubs in Paris in 2021 so you know which one is perfect for your nightlife needs!

1. L'ARC

L'Arc Paris

The moment you pass through L'Arc's copper gates, a transformative Parisian experience awaits. With bright and stylish décor, this is the ultimate in design-driven success - everything from the handbags to every sofa or mirror tells a story of opulence. For those heading to fashion week, L'Arc has become an integral component of what "hot" means. Be hip: book your table now.

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2. Solarium

Solarium Paris

Solarium Paris is the perfect way to spend a sunny night enjoying house and disco sounds with local and international guests. Located in front of the Cité de la Mode et du Design, Solarium has become a new must-go place for all summer evenings. Comes in early before it gets too crowded!

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3. Raspoutine

Raspoutine Paris

Raspoutine Paris is considered an exceptional venue that hosts the most popular parties in the capital. Located just off of Champs Elysées and classified as a historic monument today, this chic club works its felt decoration with utmost attention to detail. Guests can enjoy high-end fashion week events or deep house music from Thursday to Saturday at Raspoutine Paris--a one-of-a-kind experience where you will enjoy the environment and leave with great memories!

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4. Pastel

Pastel Paris

Located on the Seine, in front of the Eiffel Tower, Pastel is an upscale party barge with a Provencal garden feel. With great guest DJs like Birds of Mind, Luciano and Carnage, it's not uncommon to see celebrities at Pastel sur Seine. From Miss France winners to famous PSG players, the clientele is definitely upscale!

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5. Corail Club

Corail Paris

When you want to go out of your way for a proper nightlife experience that combines luxurious design and perfection in entertainment, stop on by Corail Paris. With an electric atmosphere filled with the most glamorous guests, there's nowhere else that offers quite as long-lasting and addicting memories as this spot does. Trust us, we know from firsthand experience! The only thing better than the festivities at Corail Club Paris is knowing where your next evening out will be spent! Lock it into your schedule and enjoy.

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6. Manko

Manko Paris

Manko Paris has already become a not-to-be-missed destination of Parisian life, thanks to its central location and unique cuisine. This new venue from 15 Avenue Montaigne is at the heart of what's happening in this dynamic city with an Inca legend name that pays homage to Manco Capac, Sun God’s son.

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7. Boum Boum

Octavian at Boum Boum Paris

You'll feel like you're lounging in Paris at an exclusive event, while the hauntingly beautiful sounds scattered around this room will transport you to another time and place. You've never experienced this city quite like this before; not even on your honeymoon.

Boum Boum is a new way to experience Parisian evenings: a carefully orchestrated acoustic and visual display combining the energy and fervor of a concert with the electrifying ambiance of a swanky club.

The venue was designed by the architect Charles Tassin in an extravagant neo-70's decor, complete with an internal garden (in summer) swirling with vivid colors. Designed like an extravagant Parisian apartment, the lounge bar and its terrace make for a perfect place to sip a cocktail while listening to electro-tribal rhythms.

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8. Monsieur Cirque

Monsieur Cirque Paris

Park yourself at the second floor of Monsieur Cirque Paris and get ready for a whole new world with extravagant stars galore. Extravagantly crafted decor gives you plenty to look at as you sip your drinks while getting lost in the music that is played on our stage. It's no wonder why this circus-themed nightclub has quickly become one of the most go-to spots in town!

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9. Deflower

Deflower Paris

Deflower is a new concept in nightlife that has yet to be heard of France. The idea behind it is guaranteeing an incomparable succession of moments with precious experiences only found here, which starts at 9 pm and ends 3 am the next morning. After you've danced yourself into exhaustion there's always time for some drinks or wine by the glass before heading home!

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10. Cova

Cova Paris

This hip new club is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, just a few steps from the Champs-Elysées. There's plenty of creativity on display with an industrial atmosphere and solid parquet flooring that pays tribute to New York style brick walls and custom leather benches; state of the art sound and light equipment with a multitude of possibilities offer you endless ways to enjoy yourself.

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11. Bagatelle

Bagatelle Paris Show Time

Located in the Bois de Boulogne, a chic and upscale part of Paris known for its bucolic atmosphere, Bagatelle is quickly becoming one of this summer's hotspots. Filled with generalist hip-hop music that reflects their elegant but relaxed dress code requirements--fancy jeans are not allowed here!--Bagatelle requires visitors to be dressed elegantly when they arrive.

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12. Mirage

Mirage Paris

From the second you enter Mirage Paris, a sense of sensuality and allure seeps into your pores. Visitors are instantly entangled in an environment that is classy yet still edgy with their dress code varying between topics like loungewear chic to formal evening attire. Patrons will be invited for a night full of deep house, good vibes, and everything in between late up to 7 am as they vibe through one unforgettable night. Reservations are highly recommended!

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13. Medellin

Medellin Paris

Located on the bottom of Avenue Marceau, this upscale club is open from Monday to Sunday. Every evening they offer live Latin music before DJs take over and make you dance until 5 am. Medellin Paris blends a nod to Narcos with an atmosphere that is festive and transgressive, all while catering to your every need as an elite clientele. The dress code tells us it's classy but elegant; reservations are highly recommended for those who want to get in!

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14. Matignon

Matignon Paris

Enjoy the sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere of Matignon Paris during the day, but for an even better experience go at night! While listening to deep house music, enjoy cocktails because it's a well-known fact that they're served with our garnish fruits de Saison.

At night this spot is not only elegant and luxurious - one might say it's exceptionally energizing due to high turnover rates from its customer base who are too busy dancing all night long against the mirrors making them feel like they're in some kind of dreamy movie sequence.

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15. Ze Mama

Ze Mama Paris

« Ze Mamma » is the new trendy rendez-vous of Paris every Saturday. Opening soon.

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Final word

One of the best things about Paris is that it offers something for everyone. From museums to nightclubs, this city has everything you need and more! There are also plenty of other activities in the area if you want to get out and explore while still being close by when your nightlife adventure ends. Whether you are looking for a place with great drinks or an amazing ambiance, we hope our list has helped narrow down your search so that you can have an unforgettable experience on this trip! We know how overwhelming it can be trying to figure out where to go; let us help lighten the load even just a bit with these 10 top picks from 2021's hottest clubs around town.