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Raspoutine Paris

Raspoutine Paris

Photo credits: Raspoutine Paris

64 reviews

Raspoutine Paris


Raspoutine Paris, a former Russian cabaret, is an exceptional place that hosts the most popular parties in the capital.

Located just off of Champs Elysées and classified as a historic monument today, this chic club works its felt decoration with utmost attention to detail. Guests can enjoy high-end fashion week events or deep house music from Thursday to Saturday at Raspoutine Paris.

This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you will enjoy the environment and leave with great memories.

Updated on 11/26/2023


Opening Hours


23:30 - 05:00


23:30 - 05:00


23:30 - 05:00

Next Events

Raspoutine Thursday

Thursday, 23:30 - 05:00

Raspoutine Paris

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Raspoutine Friday

Friday, 23:30 - 05:00

Raspoutine Paris

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Raspoutine Saturday

Saturday, 23:30 - 05:00

Raspoutine Paris

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Raspoutine Paris reviews

Great classic, most of the negative comments come from repressed people, who give an opinion on the atmosphere the service the music ... For the physio it is necessarily very stupid if one does not return (it is not very big and we do not return in work clothes or bidochon) and nice if we come back, that said it is true that the big mossieux at the entrance could play it a little less (it lacks a bit of "respect") especially when we do not know the people in front, Otherwise beautiful decor, waiters and waitresses very friendly and electro music at the top (Fabrice Dayan)

Clovis, 9/28/2023

MADNESS! Until the end of the night ! I LOVE ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Adèle, 9/27/2023

Relax and order a glass of wine 🍷

張智子, 9/22/2023


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