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Hotel Costes Paris
Hotel Costes Paris
Hotel Costes Paris
Hotel Costes Paris
Hotel Costes Paris
Hotel Costes Paris

Hotel Costes Paris

Photo credits: Hotel Costes Paris

4.1 (153 reviews)

Hotel Costes Paris


Hotel Costes Paris is a fancy 5-star hotel in the city center, close to Vendome. It's known for its classy decor and top-notch service, making it ideal for anyone looking for luxury.

Once you walk in, you'll find yourself in a stylish and luxurious setting. The hotel's design is stunning, with soft velvet couches, shiny marble floors, and touches of gold everywhere. The soft lighting makes the place cozy, perfect for relaxing after a day out in the city.

You must try the hotel's restaurant. It offers tasty French dishes and a great selection of drinks. Every meal looks like a work of art and tastes amazing.

The music in the hotel adds to its classy atmosphere. It plays smooth, elegant tunes that fit right in with the surrounding luxury.

Guests at Hotel Costes are from all walks of life, including famous people, business leaders, and those just wanting a touch of luxury. But everyone is welcome, thanks to the friendly and attentive staff.

To sum up, Hotel Costes Paris is the ultimate place for a luxury experience in the city. With its perfect mix of location, setting, music, and guests, it's a top pick for anyone looking to treat themselves in Paris.

Written by Claire Dubois - Updated on 6/16/2024

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