Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Saint-tropez in 2021

GAIO Saint Tropez

GAIO Saint Tropez

The French Riviera is home to some of the most beautiful and luxurious beaches in the world. The sparkling water, soft sand, and vibrant sunsets are enough to make anyone want to pack their bags and head out there for a day trip or even a weekend getaway. But if you're looking for something more exciting than lounging on the beach all day, then Saint-Tropez has got you covered.

This coastal town never sleeps! There's always something happening: an outdoor concert at night on one of its many piers; a parade with floats down its famous cobblestone streets during the day; or simply people gathering together on a cafe terrace for coffee and croissants in the morning.

When it comes to nightlife, Saint-Tropez is the ultimate destination for celebrities and socialites. It's one of the best places in Europe that offers a lot of different nightclubs to enjoy the nightlife. Some of these clubs are very exclusive, with only a few people being able to enter them. Others are more accessible and you can get in without any hassle at all if you know how to network properly. We'll take an overview of some popular choices below:


GAIO Saint Tropez

GAIO is a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive world-class club that you have always dreamt about. It features something for everyone: a sensational restaurant, state-of-the-art nightclub, and fascinating bar. Its design combines luxury with an extraordinary atmosphere composed by dancers and nightlife addicts from all over the world who jive to its swinging tunes every evening.

It doesn't matter if you are an exclusive couple looking for exquisite food accompanied by great breakfast brunches or whether you queue at the door as part of energetic partygoers hoping to enjoy some thrilling poolside sessions; GAIO offers something for everyone! The Gaio's dining menu tempts your taste buds with scrumptious dishes like fresh oysters on ice, fresh

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2. VIP Room

VIP Room Saint Tropez

The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is more than just a nightclub. It hosts some of the best DJs and world talent to nightly events that give locals and tourists an experience like no other! The décor of the club starts from a luxurious entrance right off Centre Street, with marble floors adorning beautiful columns that lead up to expansive couches for all your party VIP lounging needs. Our upstairs VIP rooms offer a private privilege and exclusive atmosphere overlooking the dancefloor, featuring traditional French flair.

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3. Les Caves du Roy

Les caves du Roy st tropez

Les Caves du Roy is a destination of prestige where international stars celebrate and the atmosphere on any given night during those celebrations can be simply stunning. Beautiful girls, DJs with an uncanny knack for anticipating what you want to hear next, laser lights setting off fireworks at just the right moment; it’s all in Les Caves du Roy!

This is also where parties are celebrated that have become internationally known and when walking through there's no telling who might show up: beautiful people everywhere dancing away under lasers while waiting for their drinks which aren't far behind.

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Final word

These are just a few of the popular nightclubs in Saint-Tropez. If you're looking for more, be sure to ask our concierge service before you head out on the town. You'll want to have an idea of what's available and where so that you can plan accordingly. We hope this has helped provide a little context about these great clubs!