The Best Nightclubs Open on Saturday in Saint-tropez (2021 Edition)

VIP Room Saint Tropez

VIP Room Saint Tropez

The best nightclubs open on Saturday in Saint-Tropez (2021 Edition) is a helpful list of the best and most popular clubs to visit in Saint-Tropez, France. This post includes newly opened clubs as well as old favorites that have been around for decades.

This article will provide you with up-to-date information about the nightclub scene in this beautiful coastal city where many celebrities and athletes go when they want to party. You'll be sure to find your perfect club here!


GAIO Saint Tropez

Gaio Saint-Tropez is the perfect modern destination for jet setters to escape. The eclectic home of a 1920s Parisian cabaret club with pearls, jewels, and velvet lines the walls of this chic 18th-century mansion.

The atmosphere matches its vibe as guests dance their way through the upscale décor to our magical tunes and auditory bliss. GAIO's popularity has soared as it continues to uphold its reputation as one of the most respected clubs in town—always hosting some event or another with nothing less than top-tier DJ talent in tow.

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2. VIP Room

VIP Room Saint Tropez

The VIP Room in Saint-Tropez is more than just a nightclub. It hosts some of the best DJs and world talent to nightly events that give locals and tourists an experience like no other! The décor of the club starts from a luxurious entrance right off Centre Street, with marble floors adorning beautiful columns that lead up to expansive couches for all your party VIP lounging needs. Our upstairs VIP rooms offer a private privilege and exclusive atmosphere overlooking the dancefloor, featuring traditional French flair.

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3. Les Caves du Roy

Les caves du Roy st tropez

From international stars to beautiful girls, Les Caves du Roy is the place where people like you want to be. Any given night during these celebrations could make for a stunning atmosphere: DJs and lasers setting off fireworks at just the right moment are all here!

This epic club has been the host of parties as famous as it gets with DJs who know exactly what we'll dance to next; come party in Saint Tropez because every time will be a unique experience that won't soon forget.

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Final word

This list of the top nightclubs in Saint-Tropez should be enough to get you started on your quest for an unforgettable Saturday night.

Whether you're looking for a club with high-class décor or one that will give you just what you need to dance all night long, this list has it all! You'll find everything from jazz clubs and techno bars to trendy rooftop clubs; whichever type of atmosphere is more up your alley. All that's left now is finding out which venue best suits your style! Which spot would make a perfect addition to our roundup? Let us know!