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SEN Warsaw
SEN Warsaw

SEN Warsaw

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43 reviews

SEN Warsaw


SEN Warsaw is a restaurant and bar, but not just any kind of restaurant. It's beautifully designed for you to feel comfortable enough to do anything from eating a great meal or having an excellent drink by day, then coming back at night to party with your friends and find love in the dark.

SEN restaurant

The new menu at the restaurant of SEN Warsaw will have everything you love about sushi. You can choose from your favorite type or order a whole tray of different flavors for everyone to try.

Start the evening with starters, like Harumaki - an Asian wrap made with duck and vegetables that are fried before serving them in thin crispy sheets. Or if you want something specific then opt for the Yuki Set which is perfect when seafood isn’t enough because it features shrimp nigiri as well as baked salmon tempura wrapped in jalapeno crusts and drizzled in yuzu sauce (a Japanese citrus fruit), served on top of udon noodles tossed lightly with fresh crab meat—delicious!

SEN nightclub

We know you want to get the most out of your nightlife experience without getting much sleep. With its amazing DJ's and unbeatable cocktails, SEN Warsaw is the place for you!

Create lasting memories as we provide entertainment like no other club has ever offered before. Enjoy breathtaking views from the terrace while relaxing in comfortable surroundings or enjoy a day party on Sundays! You'll have a good time because this club never sleeps ;)

Updated on 11/26/2023


Opening Hours


19:00 - 05:00


19:00 - 05:00

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SEN Warsaw
SEN Warsaw

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SEN Warsaw reviews

Cocktails are great, the music and DJ is next level everytime I wanted to leave the music had a different saying on that. Great vibe and highly recommended if you are in warsaw

Mashhour, 9/13/2023

This is the absolute hit. We went there for some drinks and food with little expectations for any party. In the last 18 years that I've been clubbing I haven't seen more beautiful girls and an incredible imbalance with more women than dudes. After midnight it started to balance, but still, hell of a night. It has been one week since and I'm still amazed!

Bernhard, 8/28/2023

The BEST place in Warsaw for sushi, party and chill 😃 Nice ambience, extraordinary interior, lovely Vistula view and cozy terrace. Amazing food, great music, polite and kind personnel. Everything here contributes to great memories:) Once you enter SEN, be ready for the most memorable time☺️ Significant advantage is that you can both have a dinner here and then stay for a party 🎉 SEN works till the last guest, so you are able to enjoy great music till the sunrise 🌅

Nastia, 8/28/2023


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