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Wet Deck Barcelona

Photo credits: Wet Deck Barcelona

5+ Best Beach Clubs In Barcelona (2024 Edition)

Get ready to enjoy the sun, sea, and cool vibes at Barcelona's best beach clubs. Here's your guide to the ultimate beach fun.

Written by Lucia Gomez

Updated on June 16, 2024

Welcome to the best of Barcelona's beach clubs, the 2024 edition! Imagine a place where the warm sun kisses your skin, the sound of waves keeps the beat, and every moment is like a luxurious getaway.

We've picked the top spots for luxury and relaxation by the sea just for you. Think plush lounges, amazing food right at the water's edge, and where the in-crowd hangs out. Here, music mixes with the ocean breeze, and every drink is crafted with care and love. Looking for peace or a lively night under the stars? Our guide has it all, offering a variety of top-notch beachside spots.

Ready for an upgrade to your Barcelona visit? Discover the city's best spots for sun, sea, and style. Join us on a luxurious adventure to the best beach clubs around.

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How we choose the best beach clubs in Barcelona

Our team independently selects every beach club featured on this list. A journalist, intimately acquainted with Barcelona, who has personally visited each club, does the writing. Our criteria are centered on top-notch beach clubs that embody an authentic vibe of their surroundings. Exceptional amenities, idyllic locations, and outstanding service are fundamental. We also value clubs with distinguished reputations. The list is updated each season to incorporate discoveries and reflect any changes in the existing selection.

The best beach clubs in Barcelona

Crowd enjoying a vibrant sunset party at Go Beach Club Barcelona, with lively dancing and lively interactions beneath a pink sky.

Photo credits: Go Beach Club


1. Go Beach Club

What is it? Dive into the party life at Go Beach Club, a top spot by the sea. Spread over four floors and two outdoor areas, it offers amazing ocean views. This place is always alive with music from great DJs from around the world and locally.

Why we love it: Go Beach Club turns the usual into something special. Here, cocktails are an art - every drink is a new adventure. The atmosphere? It's full of energy, attracting people from all over who are ready to dance all night under the stars. It's more than a club; it's where you make unforgettable memories, making every trip to the Mediterranean truly special.

Sunday, Friday, Saturday

14P Carrer Port Esportiu, 08930 Barcelona

Vibrant evening at Wet Deck Barcelona with a lively crowd around a glowing pool, ocean in the background, and lively stage performance.

Photo credits: Wet Deck


2. Wet Deck

What is it? Check out the coolest beach club and nightclub right on Barceloneta Boardwalk in Barcelona. It's a place with amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea and a touch of luxury. The design by Ricardo Bofill is modern and inviting.

Why we love it: It's your VIP ticket to an awesome party scene. The music, played by famous DJs, gets you moving. Enjoy drinks and meet people from around the world, all with stunning sea views. And Sundays in the summer? They're unforgettable. As the day ends, the party gets even better.

Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, Final, Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 08039 Barcelona

Visitors lounging by an inviting pool at Puro Beach Barcelona, with white umbrellas and a scenic mountain backdrop.

Photo credits: Puro Beach


3. Puro Beach

What is it? Step into a slice of paradise at Puro Beach club and restaurant, right in the heart of Barcelona. Located at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, this place mixes day and night with style. Chill on cozy sunbeds by the pool or move to the DJ's music. Enjoy a menu that brings the world's flavors together.

Why we love it: It's more than a spot; it's a feeling. Puro Beach shines with its M3 cuisine - a mix of global tastes, made with care. It's a place where both visitors and locals come together, sharing stories and fun. Here, every moment is a chance to relax, savor, and enjoy.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Pg. del Taulat, 262, 264, 08019 Barcelona

Final word

Here's your go-to guide for Barcelona's best beach clubs in 2024. We've explored the city's top spots, where sun, sea, and style create perfect summer days. Think lounging under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying amazing cocktails, and feeling the cool ocean breeze. These beach clubs are your ticket to a dream escape. Each place offers a unique mix of fun and luxury, chosen just for you.

Why go for the usual when Barcelona's beach clubs are here? Jump into luxury by the coast, and let these top spots turn your summers into unforgettable adventures. Trust this guide to bring you the best. Ready for more? Check out our tips on luxury travel and more. Dive into Barcelona's top beach clubs for endless summer fun—your ultimate experience waits.

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