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Chic beachfront nightclub with large pool, stylish sun loungers, and modern outdoor seating areas under white umbrellas, adjacent to a towering hotel.
Luxurious poolside at Wet Deck Barcelona with white loungers and parasols, overlooking a tranquil pool at sunset, framed by palm trees.
Vibrant sunset view at Wet Deck Barcelona, featuring a lively crowd around a lit pool, palm trees, and a panoramic beach backdrop.
Vibrant night scene at Wet Deck Barcelona, featuring a lively crowd, festive lights, and a DJ performing by the beach.
Vibrant evening at Wet Deck Barcelona with a lively crowd around a glowing pool, ocean in the background, and lively stage performance.
Luxurious beachfront poolside at Wet Deck Barcelona with serene water reflecting pink sunset skies, surrounded by white umbrellas and plush seating.

Wet Deck Barcelona

Photo credits: Wet Deck Barcelona

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Wet Deck Barcelona

clubbeach club

Welcome to Wet Deck Barcelona, the ultimate spot for a thrilling night! Get on the dance floor and let the music lead you into an unforgettable adventure.

You'll find Wet Deck Barcelona at Plaça Rosa Del Vents 1, right by the Barceloneta Boardwalk. It offers amazing views of the sea and the city, making it the perfect setting for a memorable night.

Wet Deck has an exciting vibe, mixing modern design with a lively atmosphere. Designed by the famous architect Ricardo Bofill, it’s a place where everyone feels special.

The music at Wet Deck is top-notch, with DJs from around the world playing tunes for everyone. Whether you love today’s hits or the underground vibes, the music here brings the night to life.

The crowd at Wet Deck is a fun mix of locals and visitors, all looking to enjoy an exclusive night out. It’s a place where fashion meets freedom, creating a lively and diverse scene.

Don’t miss the summer series, kicking off every Sunday from June 18. It’s the perfect time to enjoy great music and drinks, with stunning views and fun people.

Come to Wet Deck Barcelona to experience the mix of luxury, music, and excitement. It’s a journey of unforgettable nights. Let the party take you where it will.

Written by Lucia Gomez - Updated on 6/16/2024

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