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Elegant dining area in Jacqueline Barcelona Restaurant with ornate columns, arched windows overlooking lush greenery, and intimate table settings under warm, glowing lights.
Elegant dining setting in Jacqueline Barcelona restaurant with lush garden views, ornate lamps, and richly decorated tables ready for a gourmet experience.
Interior of Jacqueline Barcelona Restaurant, featuring plush seating, ornate decor, and a warm, inviting ambiance.
Luxurious Jacqueline Barcelona restaurant interior with golden lighting, intricate floral ceiling decor, plush seating, and an elegant bar area.
Luxurious interior of Jacqueline Barcelona restaurant featuring ornate golden mirrors, dark tiled floors, and a bar adorned with vibrant peacock feather decor.
Elegant dining setup at Jacqueline Barcelona restaurant featuring ornate lamps, plush seating, and neatly arranged table settings in a warmly lit, patterned interior.

Jacqueline Barcelona

Photo credits: Jacqueline Barcelona

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Jacqueline Barcelona


Looking for a unique dining spot in Barcelona? Check out Jacqueline Barcelona in the lively Carrer d'Enric Granados area. This place has it all – a restaurant, live music, and a Champagne bar. Its stunning decor takes inspiration from the golden age of Catalan Modernism, filling every corner with luxury and unique design.

Jacqueline is perfect for any occasion – a romantic dinner, a fun night with friends, or a big celebration. You can enjoy Japanese flavors at the Omakase Bar, Mediterranean dishes in the dining room, or discover a hidden cocktail bar for those in the secret.

But Jacqueline offers more than just great food. Enjoy live music nights and don't miss taking a selfie in the glamorous bathrooms – they're famous!

Whether you live in Barcelona or are just visiting, Jacqueline is a must-visit for a taste of the city's lively culture and luxury. Come see why it's the go-to spot for the stylish crowd and experience the best of life with us.

Written by Lucia Gomez - Updated on 6/16/2024

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Jacqueline Barcelona

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