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Alt caption: Vibrant scene inside Gatsby Barcelona featuring a lively crowd, dynamic blue lighting, and live performance, capturing the essence of nightlife excitement.
Vibrant scene inside Gatsby Barcelona featuring lively party-goers, sparkling chandeliers, and dazzling bottle sparklers.
"Vibrant Gatsby Barcelona nightclub filled with ecstatic crowd, confetti flying, and radiant lighting."
Lively crowd dancing under golden lights with confetti at Gatsby Barcelona nightclub.
Vibrant celebration at Gatsby Barcelona with sparkling champagne bottles and a lively crowd under a grand chandelier.
People celebrating with sparklers at Gatsby Barcelona, a lively restaurant and nightclub with elegant chandeliers and a vibrant atmosphere.

Gatsby Barcelona

Photo credits: Gatsby Barcelona

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Gatsby Barcelona


Welcome to the dazzling Gatsby Barcelona! Right in Barcelona's heart at Carrer de Tuset, 19, this amazing place is where classic beauty meets modern thrill. Step into a space that's alive with city vibes and fresh styles.

As soon as you walk into Gatsby Barcelona, you'll feel the buzz. Our expert chefs make amazing dishes that mix new tastes with Spanish favorites. Enjoy these delicious meals and fancy drinks while a thrilling live show unfolds around you.

Get ready for a night full of style and fun. With music, dance, and singing all around, every moment here is unforgettable. Whether you're here for a tasty dinner or just to enjoy the vibe, Gatsby Barcelona promises a night to remember. Dress sharp - men should wear a shirt with a collar - to match the elegant mood.

We're open from Wednesday to Saturday. Dive into the 1920s with us, enjoying the classic decor and timeless music. It's a peek into a world of lavishness.

Gatsby Barcelona is where different, fashionable people come together. It's perfect for both locals and newcomers seeking an unmatched night out. Here, excitement is always around the corner, inviting you to let loose and have a blast.

Don't skip Gatsby Barcelona. Step into this lavish world and let the night's magic carry you away.

Written by Lucia Gomez - Updated on 6/16/2024

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Gatsby Barcelona

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