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"Vibrant nightlife scene at Chrystie Cannes nightclub, featuring a luxurious bar adorned with pink lights and modern floral decor."
Vibrant nightclub interior with pink and red lighting, elegant bar setup, and modern decor, inviting a lively night out.
Vibrant nightclub interior with red and pink lighting, elegant floral decorations, and stylish seating areas.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Chrystie Cannes with a DJ playing to an energetic crowd under colorful lights.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Chrystie Cannes with busy bar, lively crowd, and elegant decor.
A lively nightclub scene with a woman in a black jacket and jeans standing exuberantly on a bar, holding a bottle aloft, surrounded by a cheering crowd under a shower of confetti.

Chrystie Cannes

Photo credits: Chrystie Cannes

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Chrystie Cannes


Chrystie Cannes is famous for its top mixologists. Every detail matters here, from the unique, hand-crafted menu to the special glasses made by skilled artisans. This fancy spot is all about cool style. It serves up creative drinks in eye-catching copper mugs that won’t break the bank.

But there’s more! Chef Beaumont creates dishes inspired by his travels. The menu is now all about modern, light meals with lots of protein.

At Chrystie, things change nightly. You’ll find different music, cabaret, and wine tasting each evening, making every visit a new adventure!

Written by Florence Dubois - Updated on 6/16/2024

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Chrystie Cannes

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