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10+ Best Clubs In Cannes (2024 Edition)

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10+ Best Clubs In Cannes (2024 Edition)

Discover the best Cannes clubs for an unforgettable summer in 2024. Our top picks promise epic nights out.

Written by Florence Dubois

Updated on March 13, 2024

Welcome to our 2024 guide to Cannes' best clubs, where luxury and excitement meet under the stars. Picture yourself dancing, cocktail in hand, surrounded by Cannes' unique elegance.

This year, we're showing you the top clubs. From pumping EDM to smooth jazz, our list guarantees nights full of energy and class. These places mix amazing design with top-notch shows, drawing a crowd that knows how to party with flair.

Whether you're a party expert or looking for something special, our guide has something for everyone. Dress up, catch the Riviera beat, and jump into luxurious partying. Find where unforgettable nights happen, and the party never stops. Ready for the unmatched fun of Cannes' nightlife? Let’s start this glam adventure.

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How we choose the best night clubs in Cannes

Our team independently selects every nightclub on this list. A journalist familiar with the nightlife scene in Cannes and who has experienced the club firsthand does the writing. Our criteria focus on upscale venues that deliver a genuine vibe of the city's nightlife. Essential aspects include standout music or DJs, a prime location, exceptional service, and a vibrant atmosphere. We also value clubs with notable reputations in the scene. The list receives a monthly update to reflect new openings and changes in existing ones.

The best nightclubs in Cannes

Elva Cannes

Photo credits: Elva


1. Elva

What is it? Elva Club Cannes is the new place to be in Cannes, starting this Friday, 10th November. It's right in the city center and lights up from 11 PM to 3:30 AM. It's all about the best of French Riviera nights.

Why we love it: Elva Club Cannes mixes cool and fun like nowhere else in Cannes. Amazing sound makes the deep house music pop, and the lights make everything feel special. With great drinks and DJ-picked songs, every moment feels like the heart of Cannes' fun side. Come on opening night - let the music pull you into an amazing night out.

Friday, Saturday

13 rue Gérard Monod, 6400 Cannes

Palm Club Cannes

Photo credits: Palm Club


2. Palm Club

What is it? Every evening, the Palm Club in Cannes turns into a place full of music, with a new DJ each night. It's where the night starts at midnight, offering plenty of room to dance, laugh, and make memories, alone or with others. The bartenders make sure your drink is always full.

Why we love it: The Palm Club is more than a nightclub; it's the top spot for fun and style in Cannes. Dress your best - women in beautiful dresses and men in sharp outfits, as every night is like a big party. With famous people often seen here and special events happening, a night at the Palm Club is never boring.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Palm Beach, Pl. Franklin Roosevelt, 6400 Cannes

Vibrant night scene at Baoli Cannes with a crowd enjoying under palm trees, glowing candles, and dynamic lighting.

Photo credits: Baoli


3. Baoli

What is it? Bâoli Cannes is a special spot in the lively Port Canto, right by the Bay of Cannes. It's more than a place; it's a mix of a restaurant, a rooftop, and a club.

Why we love it: Bâoli Cannes is a mix of private luxury and fun in a green space. Chef Rémi Solaz wows with dishes inspired by Asia, taking you on a tasty adventure. The Cloud Nine rooftop is perfect for watching stunning sunsets with a drink, then moving into nights under the stars. When it gets late, the club comes alive, pulling you into the heart of Cannes' top nightlife. Every moment at Bâoli is special and memorable.

Friday, Saturday

Port Pierre Canto Boulevard de la Croisette, 6400 Cannes

Vibrant nightclub scene at Cova Cannes with a bustling crowd, red ambient lights, and neon signs encouraging guests to "Talk Less."

Photo credits: Cova


4. Cova

What is it? Cova is not just a club; it's your path to an exciting world where fun meets real life. This place is buzzing from Tuesday to Saturday with great hip-hop and top hits music.

Why we love it: Cova makes every night memorable. It's how the music gets you moving and the amazing drinks that make your nights out special. Here, the usual becomes unusual, and amazing is what we do best.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

15 rue des frères Pradignac, 06400 Cannes

Vibrant scene inside Le Speakeasy Cannes featuring a lively crowd, dazzling lights, and a festive atmosphere at the restaurant and nightclub.

Photo credits: Le Speakeasy


5. Le Speakeasy

What's Le Speakeasy Cannes? Step into the '20s at Le Speakeasy Cannes, a place where every night shines. Right in the heart of Cannes, it mixes great food, live shows, and an all-night party. Enjoy worldwide flavors, top-notch wines and cocktails, and even stylish cigars.

Why it's cool: It's more than just eating or dancing; it's a full-on adventure. From a warm welcome to the last dance, it's a trip back in time you won't forget. Live music sets the retro vibe early, then DJs keep the party going till morning. Perfect for a date or fun with friends, Le Speakeasy makes nights bright on the French Riviera.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

25 Rue Jean Giraudoux, 75116 Cannes

"Vibrant nightclub scene at Bisous Bisous Cannes with people dancing under neon lights and a disco ball, DJ in action."

Photo credits: Bisous Bisous


6. Bisous Bisous

What is it? Bisous Bisous in Cannes is the top spot for fun. It's right on the famous Boulevard de la Croisette. This club is different - it has lively decor and music that changes from disco to new wave.

Why we love it: It's more than a club – it's an eye-opener. Bisous Bisous invites top DJs from the world over, offering a blend of tunes that keeps everyone dancing till dawn. It welcomes everyone - locals and visitors alike - making it easy for all to enjoy and create memorable nights.

Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1 Boulevard de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes

Vibrant nightclub scene at Chrystie Cannes with busy bar, lively crowd, and elegant decor.

Photo credits: Chrystie


7. Chrystie

What is it? Chrystie Cannes is more than a bar. It’s a top-rated mixologist's dream. Here, every taste and bite feels special, thanks to the unique, handmade drinks and snacks, all served in shiny copper mugs. It’s where cool meets cheap in the best way.

Why we love it: Chrystie is magical. It’s not just the excellent drinks. Chef Beaumont’s menu, inspired by travels, features modern dishes full of protein yet light and tasty. What makes Chrystie stand out is its always-changing vibe. Every night, there’s something new – music, cabaret, or wine tasting. Each visit is a fresh, can’t-miss adventure.

Friday, Saturday

22 Rue Macé, 6400 Cannes

Final word

We've shown you the best clubs in Cannes - from fancy places loved by celebrities to cozy, hidden gems. Each spot offers great music, amazing drinks, and the special Cannes touch. Whether you like quiet nights or big parties, you'll find your new favorite spot here. Now that you know where to go, get ready for some unforgettable nights. But don't stop there. Explore more with our guides on fine dining, exclusive beach clubs, and luxurious stays in Cannes. The night is just starting, and your adventure in this fancy city is only beginning. Let the fun of Cannes' nightlife lead the way!

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