Best Clubs in Ibiza for a Perfect Night Out (2023 edition)

Amnesia Ibiza

Photo credits: Amnesia Ibiza

Looking for the best place to party in Ibiza? Look no further! Our list of the top 10 nightclubs in Ibiza in 2023 will have you dancing all night long. Whether you’re looking for a world-class club with A-list DJs or something more intimate, we’ve got you covered. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party!

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1. Ushuaïa

Ushuaia Ibiza

Photo credits: Ushuaïa

The Ibiza hotspot that started as one of the finest hotels in Playa d'en Bossa has become an international sensation. It offers guests and visitors alike some of the biggest names in mainstream electronic music while boasting a superlative events program.

Ushuaia has become more than just another dance club where people go to rave and party all night long. They've played famous DJs who have been known over recent years not just for spinning your favorite tunes but also for breaking new ground when it comes to producing other artists' tracks or remixing old classics. Ushuaia is known for its amazing stage production, talented dancers, as well as the VIP section before they became a big name in Ibiza nightlife.

Ushuaïa's fame extends beyond its walls thanks to world-class DJs playing there that helped make them quickly grow into being an internationally recognized nightclub with professional staff entertaining guests every Saturday of June through September.

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2. Lio

Lio Ibiza

Photo credits: Lio

Located on the Marina Botafoch and part of Pacha Group, Lío Ibiza opened in 2011. With their retractable roof protecting from both sun or rain, and them being open all year long, Lio club has become essential for nightlife on the island. This summer enjoys great music at Lio with a two-room system mixing techno-house tunes to international hits that will be sure to make you get down on your feet.

For one unforgettable night, dine with the stars on stage, and get lost in a breathtaking 360-degree experience flaunting the hottest DJs, cabaret performers, and an outdoor pool that will make you never want to leave.

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3. Heart

Heart Ibiza

Photo credits: Heart

HEART Ibiza is a beautiful venue with immersive arts experiences. There are also art galleries, body painters and urban dancers that make the experience unique and fun to watch! The ultimate chapter of the HEART Ibiza experience is when all eyes are on you at a night where curtains draw to transform into an elegant nightclub. This allows for live and electronic music enjoyment until dawn amongst islanders, tourists, locals alike.

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4. Amnesia

Amnesia Ibiza

Photo credits: Amnesia

Amnesia is one of the most popular clubbing spots in Ibiza and has been an unforgettable experience for decades. The Club Room provides a dark cavernous space while Terrace offers up an arena when light floods in with sunrise. But that's not even all! Amnesia ice cannons strike as well, so there are plenty of surprises to go around at any given time!

So you had a night out and you're not sure what happened? Forget about it! With different themed parties every day, your temporary lapse in memory can be easily remedied. It's called "amnesia" not only because of the great atmosphere that will quickly wipe your memory clean of the previous night but to also show how much fun this club is for whoever may find themselves forgetting.

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5. Cova Santa

Cova Santa Ibiza

Photo credits: Cova Santa

The Cova Santa restaurant is a bastion of culinary excellence that serves up attentive service and makes every guest feel special with each bite. Many celebrities, royalty, and other members of high society have enjoyed their meals within its walls because they are treated as such by hospitable waiters who never fail to make them feel at home.

The avant-garde restaurant blends Mediterranean and ethnic influences to create a unique experience for your senses. Every dish will surprise you!

The best of Ibiza will be celebrated all weekend long. International event brands like All Day I Dream, Pyramid, Do Not Sleep and Rumours are hosting a series to help celebrate the White Island Orchestra with their live set of Ibiza classics! The lineup includes some amazing talent from all over including Sasha (US), Guy Gerber (Israel) Ricardo Villalobos(Sweden).

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6. Hi

Hi Ibiza

Photo credits: Hi

Ibiza is the party capital of the world. Hi nightclub, coming straight out from Ushuaïa Entertainment and designed with clubbers in mind, provides an electronic dance music experience for all who visit this exciting venue. This place has hosted some big names - both established artists as well as leaders of underground EDM scenes!

Every night in Ibiza is like a brand new experience that you have never had before. The club's aim is to bring together people who love the atmosphere of dance clubs and nightclubs in one place for an amazing time with friends. Every Thursday, Martin Garrix will play until every Saturday evening when Armin van Buuren hits the stage; whatever DJ takes over, your expectations won’t be disappointed!

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7. Pacha

Pacha Ibiza

Photo credits: Pacha

Pacha Ibiza is an inviting place where people dance to music from all eras of history. The open arena surrounded by walls without anything on them gives off a nostalgic feeling for the old days in addition to more modern features like technology. People's faces and memories are seen throughout bring back those who have been there before, while today’s beats make everyone want to move along with no second thought or regrets about it as their bodies naturally sway side-to-side effortlessly almost automatically.

Pacha Ibiza is a club that has been welcoming guests since its doors opened 40 years ago, but none embody the spirit quite like those who visit it now. Pacha's always been about being yourself no matter what anyone else might think! A night at this 4-story dance floor will offer you an experience unlike any other in which you can enjoy house and techno music under Mediterranean moonlight.

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8. Privilege

Privilege Ibiza

Photo credits: Privilege

In the middle of this massive club, there is a big swimming pool that makes people feel as though they are in an aircraft hangar. The clubs have been known for their spectacular parties and grandiose nature, which has earned recognition from Guinness World Records.

Privilege Ibiza is the perfect place to visit if you want a unique experience! It has an amazing swimming pool and hosts Manumission, where clubgoers can express themselves freely. If you're more of a party person than all-inclusive resort kind of traveler, check out this beachside establishment in Spain for some great times with good friends or new acquaintances!

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Final word

Our list of the top 10 nightclubs is a great starting point for anyone looking to plan an Ibiza vacation. Whether you want a dance party or something more intimate, we’ve got your nightlife needs covered! We're confident that no matter what type of club experience you’re craving, our list will have you feeling like dancing all night long. So put on those dancing shoes and get ready to enjoy one amazing trip in paradise with one of these amazing party destinations!

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