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Elegant nightclub setting at The Windmill Soho with a spotlighted stage, a performer in a flowing dress, plush red seating, and shimmering chandeliers.
"Vibrant interior of The Windmill Soho with a dancer on stage, red velvet seating and elegant chandeliers, offering a captivating dining and entertainment experience."
Elegant dining space at The Windmill Soho in London, featuring red curtains, white tablecloths, and a striking blue neon sign.
Vibrant nightclub scene at The Windmill Soho with a large disco ball, colorful lights, and a lively crowd.

The Windmill Soho London


Photo credits: The Windmill Soho London

4.5 (195 reviews)

The Windmill Soho London


Looking for an unusual night out in London? Head to The Windmill Soho. You'll find it at 17-19 Great Windmill Street. It's a special place that mixes a restaurant, cabaret, cocktail bar, and nightclub into one.

Walk in, and you enter a magical world of dinner theater. The Windmill Soho brings eating and entertainment together like never before. Watch amazing performances right as you eat. With Toby Burrowes, a top chef, in charge, your food will be as impressive as the show.

But there's more that makes The Windmill Soho stand out. The place buzzes with energy. The music touches your soul, the drinks are new and exciting, and the whole atmosphere is extraordinary. It’s much more than just a night out; it's an adventure for your senses.

It also attracts a wide variety of people. Everyone is welcome, whether you're just curious or looking for adventure.

In short, The Windmill Soho offers a dining and entertainment experience like no other. If you want a special date night, a fun evening with friends, or something totally different, you've got to check it out.

Written by Charlotte Wells - Updated on 5/6/2024

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The Windmill Soho London

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The Windmill Soho London

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The Windmill Soho London Reviews

Nice bar and restaurant. They have a small outdoor seating area and a bar area to wait for your table. Nice food and nice cocktails! Open concept kitchen is interesting while waiting for your food. Highly recommend for dinner with friends or family

S., 9/20/2023

Really impressed with the food. My daughter can be picky but she ate every bite! Service was very friendly, no complaints at all!

Darren, 8/5/2023

I had a brief visit to Sophie's, I will give 5 stars based on this experience. Service was very swift, we ordered to the table and the bowl of chicken wings I ordered came pretty quickly. They were piping hot and full of flavour, I would definitely go back for these alone. Prices of alcohol are reasonable given the area, I would suggest they are competitive. Overall if you are looking for somewhere to dine in and eat I'd suggest Sophie's as there is also a restaurant inside.

Donovan, 7/28/2023


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18:30 - 05:30


18:30 - 05:30


18:00 - 05:30


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