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Interior of Cicada Los Angeles Restaurant and Nightclub: A glamorously lit space with elegant dining setup, featuring a sprawling dance floor and live music setup, under an ornate art deco ceiling.
Interior of Cicada Restaurant in Los Angeles, bustling with elegantly dressed guests, featuring ornate Art Deco décor and ambient lighting.
Interior of Cicada Restaurant and Nightclub in Los Angeles, featuring an opulent Art Deco style with vibrant red lighting, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and a lively crowd enjoying a live band performance.
Elegant evening at Cicada Los Angeles with a live big band and guests dancing in a glamorous vintage setting.
Elegant interior of Cicada Restaurant in Los Angeles, featuring a bustling crowd, grand chandeliers, and opulent Art Deco design.
Vibrant scene at Cicada Los Angeles, featuring a lively crowd dancing to a live band in an elegant, art deco setting with colorful lighting.

Cicada Los Angeles

Photo credits: Cicada Los Angeles

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Cicada Los Angeles


Looking for an amazing night out that takes you back to a time of glitz and glam? Check out Cicada in downtown LA. Nestled in the stunning Art Deco Oviatt building, this place is a real treasure.

From the second you walk into Cicada, you're swept into the golden era of Hollywood clubs. With its grand style and live music, Cicada stands out as a top spot for a special evening.

The vibe here is incredible, thanks to the vintage decorations, big waterfall chandeliers, and a gold ceiling that makes the place warm and welcoming. Seeing guests coming in their stunning outfits adds to the charm, promising a night to remember.

Music at Cicada covers everything from live bands to modern tunes, keeping the mood lively all night. People from all over LA and beyond come here to enjoy the cool atmosphere.

Cicada Los Angeles is the place to be for a night you'll never forget. Whether celebrating something special or just wanting a fancy night of dining and dancing, Cicada won't disappoint.

Written by Mia Chen - Updated on 6/16/2024

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