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The Savoy Beach Club Miami

Photo credits: The Savoy Beach Club Miami

15+ Best Beach Clubs In Miami (2024 Edition)

Sun, sand, and cool vibes. Jump into Miami's top beach club scene. Experience unforgettable beach luxury.

Written by Carlos Rivera

Updated on June 16, 2024

Can you feel the soft waves and Miami's lively vibe? Imagine your toes in the warm sand as a fresh breeze plays with your hair. Welcome to the 2024 guide to Miami's best beach clubs. Here, luxury meets relaxation with amazing ocean views. We'll take you to spots where delicious cocktails, soothing music, and beautiful sunsets await. Whether you want peace or a lively beach party, we have over 15 top Miami beach clubs for you. By the end of this guide, you'll know where to find your perfect spot under Miami's bright sun. Ready for a top-notch beach experience? Let’s explore Miami's beach club scene.

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How we choose the best beach clubs in Miami

Our team independently selects every beach club featured on this list. A journalist, intimately acquainted with Miami, who has personally visited each club, does the writing. Our criteria are centered on top-notch beach clubs that embody an authentic vibe of their surroundings. Exceptional amenities, idyllic locations, and outstanding service are fundamental. We also value clubs with distinguished reputations. The list is updated each season to incorporate discoveries and reflect any changes in the existing selection.

The best beach clubs in Miami

Luxurious beach club at The Savoy in Miami featuring a sparkling pool, elegant white architecture, and tropical palm trees under a bright blue sky.

Photo credits: The Savoy Beach Club


1. The Savoy Beach Club

What is it? Welcome to The Savoy Beach Club at 425 Ocean Drive. It's your sunny spot on the sand, with amazing sea views. Here, comfort meets cool, right by the ocean.

Why we love it: The Savoy is special because it captures the real Miami spirit. Enjoy the sound of the waves and the city's best DJs and bands. It's perfect for celebrations, dates, or even work meets play. The Savoy Beach Club is your spot for true Miami beach vibes.

425 Ocean Drive, 33139 Miami

Alt caption: Bright and inviting outdoor dining at DiLido Beach Club, Miami, featuring sunlit patio tables under umbrellas, with ocean views and lush greenery.

Photo credits: DiLido Beach Club


2. DiLido Beach Club

What it is: DiLido Beach Club is a gem on Miami Beach. It's a luxury spot right on the beach. It blends cool design with the comfort of the beach, offering guests a stylish and relaxed experience.

Why we love it: DiLido is more than just a spot in South Beach. It has a unique calm elegance. The menu is full of fresh seafood, making every meal special. Here, the sound of the waves and music create perfect moments under the Miami sun. If you're looking for top beach fun, DiLido Beach Club is the best pick.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1 Lincoln Road, 33139 Miami

Luxurious bar at The Standard Spa Miami Beachclub, featuring an elegant wooden interior with red velvet chairs, a warmly lit chandelier, and shelves stocked with an array of fine spirits.

Photo credits: The Standard Spa


3. The Standard Spa

What is it? The Standard Spa in Miami Beach is your quiet luxury getaway. It's on Belle Isle, away from the busy vibe of South Beach. This place is adults-only and perfect for a peaceful stay. It’s like a cozy hotel but with all the top spa features. And it’s all surrounded by beautiful greenery and gentle sea breezes.

Why we love it: The Standard Spa makes relaxing easy and stylish. Its design is simple and full of light and plants. Enjoy swimming in pools that are both inside and outside, and private tubs for soaking. Soft music adds to the vibe, making it super peaceful. If you love looking good and feeling great, you’ll fit right in. Plus, the Lido Bayside Grill offers amazing meals from around the world, perfect for eating outdoors. In the lively city of Miami, The Standard Spa is a special place for chill vibes and luxury.

40 Island Ave, 33139 Miami

View of The Bentley Beach Club in Miami, featuring a pristine beach with turquoise waters, framed by lush palm trees and a clear walkway.

Photo credits: The Bentley Beach Club


4. The Bentley Beach Club

What is it? Welcome to The Bentley Beach Club Miami! Right in lively South Beach, this place is your luxury spot. Perfect for fun with friends, a cozy date, or some me-time.

Why we love it: The Bentley Beach Club Miami makes every moment special. Our friendly team greets you, and the stunning sea views are unforgettable. Enjoy tasty drinks and a fun crowd under the sun. It's your little paradise in busy South Beach, where every day is about great vibes and relaxing.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

101 Ocean Drive, 33139 Miami

Luxurious beach club setting with inviting couches under straw umbrellas, a serene pool, and a view of the sandy beach and ocean in the background.

Photo credits: 1 Beach Club


5. 1 Beach Club

What is it? 1 Beach Club is Miami's special spot, right at the heart of South Beach. It's where being eco-friendly meets fancy in an open-air setting that's calm yet full of life. Picture eating surrounded by plants, feeling the sea air. Chef Giancarlo Valera mixes Peruvian touches with Mediterranean flavors to make dishes that are fresh and tasty.

Why we love it: It's more than a place to eat; it's where chilling out and fun come together. Comfy daybeds and an outdoor bar make for relaxed afternoons that turn into lively nights with great DJ music. At 1 Beach Club, every visit gives you beach happiness, Miami energy, and the taste of the Mediterranean.

Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2341 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Interior of Joia Beach Club in Miami featuring a stylish bar with arched windows, wicker lamp shades, and elegant seating area under a thatched roof.

Photo credits: Joia Beach Club


6. Joia Beach Club

What is it? Miami's hidden treasure, Joia Beach Club, is where chill vibes meet luxury. Imagine eating with a beautiful beach view, in a stylish spot that offers both comfy inside seats and cool outdoor spaces. But it's not just about the views; it serves up the season's freshest tastes, all while top DJs play.

Why we love it: There's a magic to Joia Beach Club. It's not just the pretty spot or the amazing menu, from fancy seafood to big plates for sharing. It's about feeling special yet at ease – a place where every drink and meal shares a bit of Miami's lively flavor. Going here isn't just eating; it's an adventure.

Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday

1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, 33132 Miami

Sunset view of Wet Deck Miami featuring a sparkling pool, plush loungers, and modern architecture under a clear sky.

Photo credits: Wet Deck


7. Wet Deck

What is it? Wet Deck Miami is at the top of W Miami Hotel. It offers amazing views of the city, bay, and sea. This rooftop spot has stylish lounges and cool blue colors. It's perfect for people who love the city and want to have fun.

Why we love it: This place is all about being kind to the earth while looking good. You can enjoy fresh seafood that's good for the planet. Try tasty drinks and listen to music by a DJ. It's great for celebrating or just enjoying Miami's views. Wet Deck Miami has great food, awesome views, and music that makes you want to dance.

485 Brickell Avenue, 33131 Miami

Outdoor dining area at Soho Beach Club Miami with wicker chairs, wooden tables, and lush palm trees under a bright blue sky.

Photo credits: Soho Beach Club


8. Soho Beach Club

What's it about? Right in the center of Miami at 4385 Collins Avenue, this fancy spot combines relaxation with fun. It's inspired by the classic 1940s Miami Art Deco and colorful Cuban styles. With a cool, retro look, it's perfect for both beach lovers and pool fans. It offers luxurious poolside daybeds, a great gym and spa, and the rooftop paradise, Ocho. Every spot here offers a mix of fun and chill.

Why we love it: It's not just about the stylish vibe or the yummy Italian food at Cecconi's that pulls us in. It's the lively music and DJs, and the fashionable and adventurous crowd. With its special membership options, it feels like an exclusive getaway. Every visit here is like a celebration of the best things in life.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

4385 Collins Avenue, 33140 Miami

A vibrant pool party at Hyde Beach Miami, featuring people enjoying themselves in the water with foam and champagne, viewed from behind three women in red swimsuits.

Photo credits: Hyde Beach


9. Hyde Beach

What is it? Hyde Beach is the top spot in South Beach. It mixes amazing drinks with the unique tastes of Katsuya cuisine. This place has over 8,000 square feet of cool inside areas and open outdoor spots, all designed by the famous Phillipe Starck.

Why we love it: This is where Miami's heart beats the loudest. You'll find great music, a happy crowd ready to party, and the special Hyde Beach vibe. It's perfect for locals enjoying the sun or travelers and party-goers celebrating life. Don't miss out on the Hyde Seas yacht trip for some extra luxury. The friendly team and the delicious menu make this beach club an experience you won't forget.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1701 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Vibrant day club scene with a crowd of people enjoying under a large screen displaying the DAER logo, surrounded by palm trees and modern architecture.

Photo credits: DAER Dayclub


10. DAER Dayclub

What is it? DAER Dayclub in Miami is the perfect mix of fun and fancy. Picture yourself relaxing by beautiful pools, enjoying tasty drinks, and dancing to great music from top DJs. This place blends cool design with green spaces to create an unmatched beach club experience.

Why we love it: It's more than a dayclub; it's a mix of different vibes and people. DAER Dayclub has a vibe that's both lively and chill, ideal for anyone looking to have the classic Miami day. Whether you want to relax in style or dance freely, DAER is your go-to. Jump into the best Miami day – your adventure in the sun starts here.

Sunday, Saturday

1 Lucky Street, 33314 Miami

Baia Beach Club in Miami featuring a luxurious pool with guests enjoying sunny weather, surrounded by cabanas and a panoramic view of the city skyline.

Photo credits: Baia Beach Club


11. Baia Beach Club

What it is: The Mondrian South Beach club mixes cool Mediterranean vibes with Miami's bright sun. Here, great food, music, and comfy luxury come with endless ocean views.

Why we love it: This place has the perfect vibe. Enjoy food from around the world right at your table and let the cool music guide your night. It's easy to get comfy here with friends or mingle with the lively people all around. With a drink, yummy seafood, and the ocean in sight, life feels pretty good. It captures the fun, warm, and friendly spirit of Miami.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1100 West Avenue, 33139 Miami

Luxurious evening at SLS South Beach Miami, showcasing a luminescent blue pool surrounded by chic loungers and white umbrellas, with an elegant, warmly lit restaurant in the background.

Photo credits: SLS South Beach


12. SLS South Beach

What is it? SLS South Beach is a stylish getaway on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach. It has amazing views of the ocean and Miami's skyline, making it feel like paradise. The hotel has a tropical feel, offering a peaceful break from everyday life.

Why we love it: This cool spot is more than just pretty views. Its outdoor area has comfy seating and a beautiful pool, perfect for enjoying the sunny weather. There's a restaurant and bar on-site serving top-notch Mediterranean food. You'll get fresh, organic meals here like the tasty Egg Shakshuka and yummy Belgian Waffles. The bar's unique drinks are also a hit, especially with the sea breeze around. SLS South Beach is the best place for luxury, relaxation, and fantastic food.

Sunday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

2341 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Vibrant beach club scene with excited crowd enjoying a live DJ set under dynamic lighting and flowing decorations.

Photo credits: Clevelander


13. Clevelander

What is it? The Clevelander in Miami is the top spot for fun in South Beach, right on Ocean Drive. This famous place mixes endless drinks, lively dancers, and amazing shows with stilt walkers and fire dancers for a night you won't forget in Miami.

Why we love it: It's more than the buzzing vibe that pulls people in. The Clevelander is also the place to be for sports fans. With over 20 TVs and a huge LED screen, you can watch every big game live. It's a special Miami spot where exciting games and fun parties come together.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1020 Ocean Dr, 33139 Miami

Bright and inviting view of Shelborne Beach Club in Miami, featuring a sparkling rectangular pool lined with chic loungers under palm trees, and a modern white building backdrop under a clear blue sky.

Photo credits: Shelborne Beach Club


14. Shelborne Beach Club

What is it? Shelborne Beach Club is a bright spot on Miami Beach, found at 1801 Collins Avenue. It stands out with its stunning ocean views, making it a favorite for enjoying Miami's lively vibe. Here, laughter mixes with the music of the waves, all against cool music and dancing.

Why we love it: It's more than just a place; it's about the feel. The seafood and meat dishes are delicious, and the drinks are just right, making every meal a beach party. Shelborne Beach Club is all about great food, fun times, and soaking up the sun.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1801 Collins Avenue, 33139 Miami

Vibrant pool party at Hyde South Beach with a crowd enjoying the water and sunshine, modern architecture and palm trees in the background.

Photo credits: Hyde South Beach


15. Hyde South Beach

What is it? The Miami is a trendy luxury hotel in the heart of Miami, full of life and style. It covers 8,000 square feet with both indoor and outdoor spaces. Guests can enjoy special pool parties that bring out the local vibe.

Why we love it: Located at 1701 Collins Avenue, The Miami offers more than just luxury. It's your ticket to the best beach days and exciting nightlife. Events start every Thursday and keep going till 2 AM on weekends. Plus, it's easy to get to from the Adrienne Arsht Center Metromover Station, making it the perfect place to dive into everything Miami offers.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

1701 Collins Ave, 33139 Miami

Final word

As we've checked out the best beach clubs in Miami for 2024, it's clear that each place offers a special mix of comfort, fun, and excitement. From the lively South Beach to the exclusive Key Biscayne, we've explored a great list of spots where the sun, sand, and sea all come together perfectly.

Our carefully picked list makes sure your time at Miami's beach clubs will be amazing. With this guide, you're ready to enjoy the city's most stunning beach spots, where great times and luxury are guaranteed.

Want to find out more? Why not look into our guides on the top places to eat in Miami or the best luxury stays? Keep the adventure going and let the vibes of Miami wrap you in its lively charm.

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