Saturday Night In Milan: Where To Go Out In 2023

Old Fashion Milan

Photo credits: Old Fashion Milan

As the fashion capital of the world, Milan is known for its chic boutiques and stylish locals. But when the sun sets, the city comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene that shouldn't be missed. If you find yourself in Milan on a Saturday night in 2023, prepare to be amazed. From trendy rooftop bars to historic nightclubs, this city has it all. Join us as we take you on a journey through the best places to go out in Milan this year. Get ready to dance the night away and experience the magic of Milan's nightlife like never before.

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1. Justme

Justme Milan

Photo credits: Justme

Justme Milan is the ultimate nightclub destination for party-goers and night owls in Milan. Located in the heart of the city at the Torre Branca tower by Gio Ponti, the club boasts a one-of-a-kind design by renowned architect Italo Rota. With electrifying atmosphere and impeccable design elements, Justme Milan promises an unforgettable night on the dance floor. International heavyweights grace the stage every week, making it the hottest spot in town for music lovers. The diverse crowd adds to the excitement, with trendy people from around the world gathering to dance and mix drinks at the bar. Justme Milan is also perfect for elite events, corporate parties, and special dinners with impeccable service. The club’s competent staff pays attention to every request to ensure an epic night is had by all. Come and experience the clubbing paradise that is Justme Milan!

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2. The Grace Club

The Grace Club Milan

Photo credits: The Grace Club

Experience elegance and taste at The Grace Club in Milan. This venue is a unique combination of restaurant and nightclub that has quickly become popular for its exquisite cuisine, lively atmosphere, and diverse music selection. The retro and contemporary interior design exudes sophistication and warmth, setting the perfect tone for any night out. Enjoy refined seafood dishes, delicious wines, and live music that feature the illustrious names in the industry. The Grace Club offers an experience that is tailored to different event types, from private parties to corporate gatherings. Come and indulge in a unique and sophisticated nightlife experience at The Grace Club in Milan.

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3. The Beach Club

The Beach Club Milan

Photo credits: The Beach Club

Experience the ultimate tropical paradise in the heart of Milan at The Beach Club. Nestled at 62 Via Arcangelo Corelli, this exquisite restaurant and nightclub is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Step inside and be transported to a magical seaside paradise, with soft blue and white décor, sandy beach floors, palm trees, and a mini waterfall. The club boasts of top-notch music played by renowned DJs, performing everything from pop to hip hop and EDM. The crowd is a mix of locals and tourists, dressed casually or elegantly, depending on individual tastes. Whether celebrating a special occasion or having a night out with friends, The Beach Club is the place to be to create unforgettable memories in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

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4. La Bullona

La Bullona Milan

Photo credits: La Bullona

La Bullona Milan is a vibrant restaurant and nightclub located in the heart of Italy's fashion capital. Its chic decor and selective lighting create an elegant ambiance, inviting guests to enjoy signature cocktails, dine with friends, or dance the night away to an eclectic mix of music from live DJs. La Bullona Milan attracts a young and fashion-forward crowd, including local celebrities, fashionistas, and industry insiders. Whether you prefer an intimate VIP booth or the excitement of the dance floor, the venue ensures an unforgettable night out with an entertaining atmosphere that is sure to keep the party going.

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5. Black House Club

Black House Club Milan

Photo credits: Black House Club

Black House Club is the ultimate destination for music, art, and fun in Milan. The club is located at 15 Via Privata Giovanni Ventura and offers a luxurious atmosphere that is perfect for those looking to indulge in the city's vibrant nightlife. As soon as you step inside, you will feel the energy of the seductive ambiance and sophisticated décor. The club offers a diverse range of music genres, including house, techno, pop, and R&B, curated by the city's best DJs. The state-of-the-art sound system and lighting setup ensure that every beat and rhythm resonates within you. If you are looking for a more exclusive experience, you can indulge in the VIP areas that offer private booths and bottle service. With its fashionable and chic dress code, friendly staff, and unforgettable ambiance, Black House Club is a must-visit venue for anyone looking for a night out in Milan.

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6. Viva

Viva Milan

Photo credits: Viva

Viva is a restaurant in Milan that offers a unique and exceptional dining experience for foodies and wine lovers. The warm and inviting atmosphere welcomes both locals and tourists to indulge in the culinary delights on offer. The ambiance is lively with soft lighting, plush furnishings, and the perfect blend of jazz and soul music. The menu features the best of Italian cuisine, from mouthwatering pasta dishes to succulent meat and seafood options, and delectable desserts. The wine list is carefully curated to complement the menu perfectly, and sommeliers are always on hand to recommend the ideal pairing. The staff are welcoming and friendly, ensuring that every visit to Viva is a memorable one. It's the perfect spot for great food, fine wine, and vibrant atmosphere, making it one of Milan's hottest spots.

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7. Seta

Seta Milan

Photo credits: Seta

Nestled in the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel in Milan, Seta is a two Michelin-starred restaurant offering contemporary Italian cuisine. The elegant and timeless design, featuring striking glass windows connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, sets the tone for a sophisticated yet relaxed dining experience. Under the leadership of renowned chef Antonio Guida, guests can enjoy visually stunning culinary creations made with the highest quality ingredients. The visible kitchen allows diners to watch the skilled chefs in action, and for the ultimate insider experience, guests can dine at Chef Guida's private home once a month. The private Saletta Duomo dining room, designed by Fornasetti, is an ideal venue for intimate gatherings. Seta Milan offers exceptional service, making it the perfect destination for any occasion.

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8. The Manzoni

The Manzoni Milan

Photo credits: The Manzoni

The Manzoni Milan is an unparalleled dining experience that marries the best of Italian cuisine with British design, offering a dramatic setting that is certain to leave a lasting impression on all patrons. Named after the iconic Italian writer and poet, The Manzoni is a showcase for contemporary British design that features a Tom Dixon showroom during the day and an inviting restaurant in the evening. Here, guests can indulge in an array of Italian specialties, including homemade pastas, gourmet pizzas, and delectable fish dishes that pair perfectly with the restaurant's extensive wine and cocktail offerings. The atmosphere is elevated by well-curated music, and the clientele is composed of foodies and design enthusiasts alike. For those who appreciate fine food, impeccable design and sophisticated ambience, The Manzoni Milan is a must-visit destination.

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9. Red Room

Red Room Milan

Photo credits: Red Room

Red Room Milan is the go-to destination for nightlife enthusiasts looking for a pulsating club atmosphere. The club, situated on 2 Viale Andrea Doria, is popular among both locals and tourists. On entering, you'll be welcomed by a lively, vibrant atmosphere. The club's interiors are dominated by red and black, expressing elegance and sophistication. Red Room's sound system is top-tier, guaranteeing that the DJ's music resonates throughout the club, from tasteful House to Hip-Hop and R&B. The club is open on Fridays and Saturdays, starting at 9 pm and lasting until early morning, so clubbers can kick off their weekends in style. With a lively, diverse crowd featuring party-goers of all ages and backgrounds, Red Room Milan is the perfect site for any night out.

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10. Hollywood Rythmoteque

Hollywood Milan Club

Photo credits: Hollywood Rythmoteque

If you're looking to get the best of everything in one spot, then Hollywood Rytmoteque has your name written all over it. It's not just any old club either; this intimate lounge is open seven days per week and seats only 80 people at a time!

Hollywood has earned international fame at the highest levels of public relations recognition, and is a constant reference point for all media events in Milan. You may even find your favorite actors or football players here! Hollywood Rytmoteque combines modern technology with classic American showmanship to create an entertaining night out with friends that will have you coming back again soon enough

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11. Terrazza Duomo 21

Terrazza Duomo 21 Milan

Photo credits: Terrazza Duomo 21

Come and experience the stunning surroundings of Milan from a fresh perspective at Terrazza Duomo 21. Ideally situated in the city center, this venue offers an unrivaled terrace boasting breathtaking views of Duomo cathedral. Whether you are after fine dining or a night out on the town, Terrazza Duomo 21 has something to offer you. The venue caters perfectly to guests who wish to indulge in a leisurely lunch whilst well and truly soaking up the magnificent settings. Come evening, Terrazza Duomo 21 transforms into a vibrant nightclub, with a lounge bar serving up unique cocktails and beats to get your body moving. The ambience is both sophisticated and energizing, attracting an eclectic, vibrant crowd and offering an unforgettable experience. With a talented team of DJs presenting a diverse mix of genres, from house to hip hop and pop, there is something for everyone at this fantastic hotspot.

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12. Cracco

Cracco Milan

Photo credits: Cracco

Cracco Milan is an exceptional restaurant, situated in the center of Milan on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. It boasts a combination of elegance and innovation, creating a unique dining experience that's perfect for both locals and tourists. The luxurious architecture and refined atmosphere create an unforgettable ambiance, which is complemented by the culinary masterpieces on offer. The menu is centered around the use of fresh and seasonal ingredients, with an emphasis on Italian cuisine, from traditional pasta dishes to creative and contemporary seafood options. The wine list is comprehensive, offering an extensive range of Italian and French wines. Cracco Milan is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to indulge in fine dining during their stay in Milan. With top-quality service, an impressive menu, and a sophisticated ambiance, it's sure to leave a lasting impression.

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13. 11Clubroom

11 Club Room Milan

Photo credits: 11Clubroom

11Clubroom is a truly international club in Milan that has quickly established itself among other clubs due to its music and clientele. Located just steps away from Corso Como, this venue keeps bringing new visitors for an unforgettable night out on the town!

11Clubroom is the perfect place to catch up with friends and enjoy some drinks. With its warm atmosphere, elegant design features like leather couches or low poufs for lounging on as well as huge crystal chandeliers overhead it's easy going nightlife will have you looking forward to your next visit!

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14. Armani Privé Club

Armani Prive Milan

Photo credits: Armani Privé Club

Armani Prive is one of the best VIP dance clubs in Milan. Located just downstairs from Armani's main compound, this exclusive location offers a luxurious and classy atmosphere that only close proximity can offer to its patrons who come here for an evening out on Saturday night! The club was created as part-of Via Monzoni headquarters where one could find high end brands like Prada; it still maintains those standards today with performances by top DJs such as David Guetta or Above & Beyond whenever they make their way through town!

The entrance to Armani Casa is glamorous, with an elegant staircase leading you down into the inviting lounge space. A long bar runs along one side of this area where guests can enjoy cocktails before stepping out on-stage for dancing all night!

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15. Ristorante Berton

Ristorante Berton Milan

Photo credits: Ristorante Berton

Experience the ultimate fine dining experience at Ristorante Berton in Milan. Renowned chef Andrea Berton has created a modern and chic atmosphere that perfectly complements the innovative menu. With an open kitchen design and elegant interiors, your visit promises to impress. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a romantic evening, the restaurant's welcoming atmosphere is sure to set the right mood. Relax and enjoy while live performers and soothing music play in the background. The diverse crowd consists of adventurous foodies, cosmopolitan couples, and gastronomy aficionados who appreciate fine dining and gourmet cuisine. From starters to dessert, each dish is crafted with passion and unparalleled skill. Ristorante Berton delivers sophistication, refinement, and creativity making it the perfect destination for a culinary journey. Book your table for an unforgettable experience.

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16. The Club

The Club Milan

Photo credits: The Club

The Club nightclub in Milan, Italy is considered one of the best places to be seen and heard.

With its location at The heart of the Brera district, it's easy for locals as well international club-goers looking for some live music or just an exciting night out on the town. It has hosted many events including DJ nights where you can always expect top sound quality from your favorite tunes while dancing under dim lights (or sometimes bright ones). Whether there'll be something mildly provocative up-beat like House Music playing through speakers overhead, someone singing sweetly about love gone wrong -everyone feels welcome here!

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17. LoolaPaloosa

loolapaloosa Milan

Photo credits: LoolaPaloosa

The first time I walked into LOOLAPALOOSA, the lights were dim and it had a very relaxed atmosphere. The bar was lined with people of all ages drinking cocktails or wine as they chatted about their day on one of many lounge chairs that dotted this rooftop patio (which also features some serious poolside living). It felt more like your favorite backyard party than somewhere formal enough for business meetings; but don't worry - there are plenty spaces available if you need them!

The club is the perfect place to let yourself go for an evening. The space has both formal and casual elements, opening early in order to accommodate people who want a drink before work or staying all night with DJ sets by some of Milan’s most popular names. There are always joyful people here so you'll have no problem letting your inhibitions fly!

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18. Old Fashion

Photo credits: Old Fashion

Old Fashion is an exclusive restaurant/club located in Dehor terrace, the heart of historic Parco Sempione.

The club's interior can hold up to 200 guests for seated dinners or 400 if they choose instead on standing room only cocktails with dancing under chandeliers by candlelight while sipping champagne and wine from Old World cellars downstairs as well as specialty drinks served exclusively at this venue such us negronis which are made using Campari Caraibe rum Monymus cognac triple sec French orange juice freshly squeezed into chilled glass spoons all before you've even had time to take off your clothes!

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Final word

In conclusion, Milan is a city that never sleeps. As we look ahead to 2023, the nightlife scene in Milan is set to soar to new heights, with exciting developments on the horizon and vibrant new venues already established. From the trendy neighborhoods of Brera and Navigli to the iconic landmarks of Piazza del Duomo, there is an endless range of options for a Saturday night out in Milan. Plan your trip to this buzzing metropolis and immerse yourself in the infectious energy and style of Milan's nightlife. Get ready to dance the night away, sip on the finest crafted cocktails, and feast on the most delectable Italian cuisine. Milan is the ultimate destination for a luxurious and unforgettable Saturday night out.

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