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"Vibrant nightclub scene at Sanctus Mykonos with red lights illuminating the crowd and DJ in action."
Interior of Sanctus Mykonos nightclub, showcasing vibrant lighting, lush vertical gardens, and stylish lounge areas, creating an enchanting atmosphere.
Vibrant nightclub scene at Sanctus Mykonos, with people dancing and socializing under stylish lighting and lush greenery.
Vibrant nightclub interior with glowing blue lights, lush green ceiling decor, and stylish seating, creating an enchanting atmosphere for an unforgettable night out.
Vibrant night scene at Sanctus Mykonos nightclub, featuring green laser lights, a lively crowd, and lush greenery decor.

Sanctus Mykonos

Photo credits: Sanctus Mykonos

4 (174 reviews)

Sanctus Mykonos


Sanctus Mykonos is the top spot for nightlife in Mykonos town, hidden on Florou Zouganeli street. This club is all about exclusive party fun, attracting a stylish crowd looking for a special night out.

As soon as you step in, the lively feel of Sanctus Mykonos draws you in. The club has a cool, tropical look with amazing details everywhere you look. Bright lights set a magical mood, and big windows show off stunning sea views. Sanctus Mykonos truly gives a VIP night out like no other.

The club loves top electronic music, hosting famous DJs from all over the world. The beats and energy get everyone in a great mood, ready for a night you can't miss.

People from all over come here, all dressed up and ready to enjoy Mykonos' best club scene together.

Sanctus Mykonos is open from 00:30 until the sun comes up, perfect for those looking to party all night.

This club has raised the game in Mykonos Town, offering nights you'll always remember. If you want a night filled with fancy vibes, great DJs, and sheer luxury, Sanctus Mykonos is the place to be.

Written by Yiannis Papadakis - Updated on 5/6/2024

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Sanctus Tuesday

Tuesday, May 21, 00:30 - 06:30

Sanctus Mykonos

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Sanctus Wednesday

Wednesday, May 22, 00:30 - 06:30

Sanctus Mykonos

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Sanctus Thursday

Thursday, May 23, 00:30 - 06:30

Sanctus Mykonos

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Sanctus Friday

Friday, May 17, 00:30 - 06:30

Sanctus Mykonos

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Sanctus Saturday

Saturday, May 18, 00:30 - 06:30

Sanctus Mykonos

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Sanctus Mykonos Reviews

Great music and atmosphere

Nikol, 9/20/2023


Laced, 7/5/2023

Nice music and great atmosphere, helpful staff.

Dos'gr, 5/15/2023


Opening Hours


00:30 - 06:30


00:30 - 06:30


00:30 - 06:30


00:30 - 06:30


00:30 - 06:30


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