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Relaxing summer scene at Semeli Mykonos featuring a crystal-clear pool with a swan floatie, surrounded by stylish lounge areas and elegant stone architecture.
Luxurious white villa with a private pool, surrounded by azure skies and lush greenery, showcasing tranquil and upscale living in Mykonos.
Luxurious beach club in Mykonos with a sparkling blue pool, stylish sun loungers, and elegant white buildings under a bright blue sky.
Luxurious beach club in Mykonos with clear blue pool, sun loungers, and elegant white architecture under bright blue sky.
Luxurious outdoor pool area at Semeli Mykonos featuring white architecture, vibrant greenery, and plush seating under sunny skies.

Semeli Mykonos

Photo credits: Semeli Mykonos

4.2 (149 reviews)

Semeli Mykonos

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Nestled in Mykonos' heart, Semeli is your go-to for luxury and fun. Known as the top nightclub and beach club on the island, it offers an experience you won't forget.

Located at 1 Panachrantou, Semeli is close to the beautiful Mykonos Town and its famous sights. The club buzzes with energy, thanks to its luxury design, advanced lights, and top sound system. The beach club is a peaceful spot, with stunning sea views.

Semeli's music is a big draw. It ranges from new electronic dance to classic hits. The DJs keep the vibe lively and suit all music tastes, whether you love house, RnB, or pop.

The crowd at Semeli is diverse, mixing stylish locals with international visitors looking for a good time. Dress is chic and trendy, and the atmosphere is always festive. Semeli is ideal for any celebration.

What makes Semeli stand out is its staff. They're friendly, attentive, and go the extra mile to make sure you're happy.

In short, Semeli Mykonos is where luxury meets top-notch entertainment. With a lively vibe, beautiful setting, great music, and wonderful people, it's a place you'll always remember.

Written by Yiannis Papadakis - Updated on 6/16/2024

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