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Luxurious interior of Brach Paris restaurant, featuring elegant seating, artistic ceiling design, and warm ambient lighting.

Brach Paris

Photo credits: Brach Paris

4.2 (55 reviews)

Brach Paris


Welcome to Brach Paris, a luxury gem in the famous 16th district. Philippe Starck, a big name in design, created Brach Paris. It's not just a hotel — it's a luxury world, full of culture and stunning looks. Here, guests find a special mix of charm and modern touch. It offers a fresh way to see Paris like never before.

Right when you enter Brach Paris, it's a whole new world. It feels like a cozy Parisian house mixed with the thrill of an art gallery. Every corner shows something new, with a warm and lively Paris vibe.

The music at Brach Paris is also unique, setting the mood from dawn to dusk. The tunes match your every moment, making the perfect scene.

Brach Paris draws all kinds of people - from trendy travelers to local artists and stylish Parisians. All come searching for something special. Here, you can enjoy fantastic drinks, great talks, and an amazing vibe that stands out just like its visitors.

Sitting in the city's heart, Brach Paris offers the peak of luxury, creativity, and exploration. It's more than a stay — it's an unforgettable Paris adventure. Discover why Brach Paris isn't just a visit, but a memorable experience.

Written by Claire Dubois - Updated on 6/16/2024

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