The 20+ Best Clubs In Barcelona (2023 Edition)


Written by Anna

Updated on 6/4/2023

Biblio Barcelona

Photo credits: Biblio Barcelona

Looking for a city that never sleeps? Look no further than Barcelona, the party capital of Spain. With a vibrant nightlife scene that pulses until the sun comes up, Barcelona is the perfect destination for club-goers. But with so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose where to dance the night away. That's why we've curated a list of the 20+ Best Clubs in Barcelona for the 2023 season. Whether you're looking for sleek rooftop venues, chic underground parties, or stunning beachfront clubs, we've got you covered. So grab your dancing shoes and get ready for a night of non-stop fun in the most stunning city in Europe.

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1. Paradiso

  • club
Paradiso Barcelona

Photo credits: Paradiso

Paradiso Barcelona is an exceptional upscale nightclub located in the lively El Born area. This venue is perfect for those looking for a luxurious and unforgettable nightlife experience. The intimate and sophisticated atmosphere of Paradiso is complemented by its stunning decor, fantastic music, and carefully curated lighting, which sets the tone for an enjoyable night out. Paradiso caters exceptionally to stylish individuals, and it regularly features local and international DJs, live jazz bands, and other musical talents. The bar at Paradiso is not to be missed, with bartenders serving up expertly crafted classic and experimental cocktails made from the freshest and most exotic ingredients. Paradiso is undoubtedly one of the best venues in the world, and a trip here is a must-have experience.

Current 50 Best Bars, No. 1 in the world, expectations were accordingly high. It is a typical entertaining bar, where every drink comes with an effect, twist and a show. Normally I'm more into classy bars, but the drinks were really outstanding! Extremely exciting flavor combinations and a lovely nice service. We felt comfortable all around and I can recommend the visit to everyone. At the entrance is a QR code and you get a notification as soon as a table becomes free.

Hauke, 4/23/2023


2. Nuba

  • club
Nuba Barcelona

Photo credits: Nuba

Experience the pulse of Barcelona's party culture at Nuba Barcelona, the premier nighttime spot for music aficionados and socialites alike. Situated in the upscale Zona Alta district at 12-14 Carrer del Doctor Fleming, Nuba is a hub for a vibrant clubbing experience that lasts until dawn. Inside, catch the party waves with an exhilarating dance floor, powered by local and international DJs performing spot-on electronic, R&B, hip hop, and pop music. The club features top-range sound and light systems, perfect for immersing oneself deep into the beats. Furthermore, Nuba also boasts a full-service bar, with a range of cocktails, spirits, and beers to refresh your spirit. Overall, Nuba Barcelona is the place to be for a high-octane night of festivities that will leave everyone wanting more.

A very good Disco. The sound is fantastic. Home drinks but also international drinks. Excellent waiters and a good service. The baarkeeper is like a good artist. I think this is a family company with a very good staff. You should make a reservation because it is a famous disco. We will come again. Definitely.

Profiler, 7/22/2019


3. Bikini Club

  • club
Bikini Club Barcelona

Photo credits: Bikini Club

Welcome to Bikini Club Barcelona, your go-to destination for a night filled with dancing, drinks and good vibes. Located on the trendy Avinguda Diagonal, Bikini Club is the ultimate party spot for those looking to have a great time in Barcelona. The club boasts a high-energy atmosphere with cutting-edge sound and lighting systems, stunning decor and state-of-the-art bar serving exquisite drinks and cocktails. The music is diverse, catering to different tastes in techno, house, hip hop and reggaeton, with frequent performances by top DJs from around the world. Whether you are a local or tourist, the club offers a space to connect with like-minded people from across the globe. Come and join the ultimate party experience at Bikini Club Barcelona!

Amazing vibe!

Luka, 1/27/2023


4. Ama Lounge Bar

  • club
Ama Lounge Bar Barcelona

Photo credits: Ama Lounge Bar

For a night out that screams luxury, look no further than Ama Lounge Bar in Barcelona. Nestled on Carrer de Marià Cubí, this sleek nightclub is perfect for those seeking to dance the night away in style. The ambiance is sultry and chic with dim lighting, plush seating, and elegant décor. But the true standout is the music. The DJs play a mix of contemporary chart-toppers and iconic club anthems with vigorous beats that guarantee you won't be sitting down for long. The crowd is a mix of trendy locals and tourists, united in their desires to party and have a great time. Overall, Ama Lounge Bar is an exquisite venue with an electrifying atmosphere that's unforgettable.

Full gas in the center 🤪

Danig, 3/25/2023


5. La Fira Casanova

  • club
La Fira Casanova Barcelona

Photo credits: La Fira Casanova

In the heart of Barcelona, La Fira Casanova is the place to be for an unforgettable night out. This legendary nightclub boasts an electric atmosphere and is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. With a mix of genres including reggaeton, salsa and commercial dance hits, the music will keep you moving all night. From VIP treatment to being on the guest list, La Fira Casanova has got you covered. Open seven days a week, including Friday and Saturday nights until the early morning, it's always brimming with energy. So, if you're looking to let loose and party, La Fira Casanova is the perfect spot to celebrate a special occasion, or simply enjoy a night out in Barcelona's bustling center.

Since we discovered this place, we frequent its dance evenings very often, and we always have a great time, a great success!

Marina, 5/21/2023


6. Jamboree Dance Club

  • club
Jamboree Dance Club Barcelona

Photo credits: Jamboree Dance Club

Jamboree Dance Club Barcelona is an iconic nightclub that has been a favorite amongst locals and visitors since 1960. Located in Plaça Reial, this club is the ultimate destination for music and dance enthusiasts. As you enter, you'll be swept away by the energetic beats, modern design, and lively atmosphere. You'll find a wide range of musical styles, from hip-hop to jazz, with DJs and live acts performing each night. Jamboree has hosted legendary artists such as Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, and Chet Baker. The crowd is diverse, coming from all over to dance and have a great time. Jamboree Dance Club Barcelona is a must-visit venue for anyone who enjoys unforgettable experiences, quality music, and a lively atmosphere.

Awesome club with great prices. They have to main clubs which are completely different vibes which was cool. Definitely try and get there early the line is very long and took a while to get in. Prices are very competitive which was nice. The music and lights are a top notch vibe. The downstairs area got packed and it was tight dancing which was awesome. We hadn’t even realized 5 hours had gone by while we were here. Definitely want to come back to this disco.

Guillermo, 11/22/2021


7. Biblio

  • club
Biblio Barcelona

Photo credits: Biblio

Experience the ultimate night out at Biblio, the premier nightclub destination in the center of Barcelona. With two addresses on Carrer de Moià and Carrer de Tuset, this sophisticated venue boasts the latest in light and sound technology, creating an electric atmosphere that draws in party-goers from all backgrounds. Three different levels of music, including EDM, Hip-Hop, and Latin beats, ensure an unforgettable night of dancing. The diverse crowd of locals, tourists, and international visitors share a love of top-notch music, high-quality drinks, and a fun-filled night out. With door-to-door service, Biblio is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or let your hair down and create unforgettable memories in a high-energy world of sophisticated partying.

An incredible place, good music, great customer service and above all security both outside and inside, especially highlighting the incredible inside the room, and acting politely and sympathetically, security issue a 10 and disco theme another 10.

Devil, 1/11/2023


8. Hyde Club

  • club
Hyde Club Barcelona

Photo credits: Hyde Club

Located in the heart of Barcelona, Hyde Club is the ultimate destination for an unforgettable night out. With an electric atmosphere, delicious food, and unbeatable music, the club offers different events and parties every day of the week. Thursdays are after-work parties, Fridays are Trending Topic parties, and Saturdays are High Level parties. With a dress code of smart casual, the club attracts a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. Group dinner packages are available on Fridays and Saturdays, with free Wi-Fi, VIP areas, and an amazing sound system. Come let loose and enjoy a night of entertainment that you will never forget at Hyde Club Barcelona.


Autocan, 11/4/2022


9. Otto Zutz

  • club
Otto Zutz Barcelona

Photo credits: Otto Zutz

Otto Zutz is a nightclub in Barcelona that has become famous for its commitment to authenticity. The building originally served as an industrial textile factory, and it still holds onto this foundation with fixtures like iron pillars or beams scattered throughout the space. You'll find open areas so you can dance under bright lights while surrounded by hard surfaces such as metal fences-- just what every New York City club had back when they first started playing music!

A nightspot in Barcelona that is drawing the hippest and trendiest party goers, Otto Zutz has a modern feel with bold lighting effects. It’s not your typical club experience though - this place will give you something new!

Wild club with the best music up town. I sometimes order table with bottle service to avoid lines in the entrance. I love the Dj.s, people really dance here. The bottom floor is my favourite for Hip hop. This is an authentic club for music lovers. Yes it can be crowded and yes people might dance on the tables.

Maria, 2/18/2018


10. Bling Bling

  • club
Bling Bling Barcelona

Photo credits: Bling Bling

Bling Bling Barcelona has changed the essence of nightlife in this city and beyond. The first impression upon seeing its façade and interiors is encapsulated with one word – ELEGANCE; it’s not something you see every day, but rather an elegant place where people can go enjoy themselves without any worries or cares about anything else besides having fun! It only opens Thursday through Saturday from 12 midnight-6 am.

This is the only place to be if you're looking for something that's a little more high-class and exclusive than the average night club in Spain. The Bling Bling Barcelona Club has an elite atmosphere with VIP sections, dark lighting (computer controlled), furniture mostly vintage items; it creates minimalistic yet exquisite effects!

Perfect place to enjoy a good night out, the VIP service is amazing! The atmosphere is incredible, a lot of locals and the music is very danceable, they play a lot of reggaeton which is nice.

Issayana, 8/25/2018


11. Duvet

  • club
Duvet Barcelona

Photo credits: Duvet

Duvet Barcelona is one of the city's most lively and unforgettable nightlife destinations. Its prime location on Carrer de Còrsega invites party-goers to experience an unmatchable blend of music, culture, and entertainment. The modern interior design and perfect lighting create an inviting atmosphere where guests can enjoy world-class DJs playing a variety of music genres. With a trendy and fashionable dress code, guests can expect an intense and exhilarating atmosphere, enhanced by the bar staff's friendly and welcoming service. The dance floor is packed with people from different cultures and backgrounds, dancing and creating unforgettable memories. Whether you're a local or tourist, Duvet is a must-visit destination for a unique clubbing experience that will form memories to last a lifetime.

The Duvet Barcelona nightclub is a nightclub with a new concept and it is located between Diagonal Avenue and Passeig de Gràcia where young people, university students and the national public come together to dance with the best commercial music of the moment. It is open every Friday and Saturday and with the Isaac List you can enter for free with your friends. The interior of the Duvet Barcelona nightclub is incredible with the lighting of different colors and VIP areas that it offers. Without a doubt, I would repeat to visit it again with my friends.

Jaume, 12/13/2021


12. Razzmatazz

  • club
Razzmatazz Barcelona

Photo credits: Razzmatazz

Experience the ultimate nightlife hotspot at Razzmatazz Barcelona. This nightclub, located at 122 Carrer dels Almogàvers, is the perfect destination to let loose and dance the night away with different rooms dedicated to various genres of music. From house and techno to hip hop and reggaeton, there's something for everyone here. The eclectic mix of locals and tourists from all over the world creates an exciting atmosphere, where good music and unforgettable memories bring people together. Furthermore, the venue itself is a standout with spacious rooms, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. Join in the excitement and let your inhibitions fall away at Razzmatazz, where unforgettable moments are made.

Great spacious music rooms. Smoke spot on the roof has a vibe. Seciurity was really nice and helpful - unlike in different clubs around the world :D and the alcohol prices were quite economic. Had a really great time here!

Wojtek, 1/8/2023


13. Eclipse

  • club
Eclipse Barcelona

Photo credits: Eclipse

If you want a nightlife experience in Barcelona that is exclusive, luxurious and prestigious then there’s no better place than W Hotel's Eclipse. The impressive cocktails by master mixologists will have your taste buds going wild with unique food from around the world while being surrounded by some of DJs' hottest beats anywhere!

Eclipse, a new boutique hotel in Barcelona with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and Barceloneta beach from wrap-around windows. With its striking colors that change every day thanks to sunlight reflecting off water particles below it’s not hard to see why Eclipse offers an experience you'll never forget!

What a cool experience! The drinks are expensive but well worth it if you’re able to sit there and take in the nice views of Barcelona highly recommended! Make sure that you’re wearing nice enough clothes or they won’t let In

Jacob, 3/15/2019


14. CDLC - Carpe Diem

  • club
Cdlc - Carpe Diem Barcelona

Photo credits: CDLC - Carpe Diem

Experience the ultimate party destination at CDLC - Carpe Diem Barcelona. This iconic nightclub, situated on Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta, offers an unparalleled entertainment experience for locals and tourists alike. With a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea and impressive interior design, guests are transported to another world as they dance the night away to the latest tracks from House, Pop, and R&B genres. With a spacious dance floor and world-class sound system, the energy inside never stops. The crowd is the epitome of elegance and sophistication and ensures that everyone is there to see and be seen. CDLC - Carpe Diem is also the official ambassador of Dom Pérignon in Barcelona, offering an array of high-end champagne and award-winning cocktails. Dress to impress and seize the day at CDLC - Carpe Diem Barcelona.

The service staff was charming , beautiful place inside and outside. Also they have a variety of food dishes & drinks.

South, 1/15/2023


15. Shoko

  • club
Shoko Barcelona

Photo credits: Shoko

The Shoko nightclub in Barcelona is the place to be if you want an amazing nightlife experience. It's designed with a Japanese theme and has five different regions, all styled after their own unique architecture style from Japan! The entire area of this awesome club offers some great entertainment nights for everyone who visits it- there really isn't anything like it around so make sure to check them out!

The nightlife in Shoko is well-known for its highly tempting themed parties and originality. With an amazing capacity of around 500 people across the sprawling terrace, this club is your go to option when you are looking for an eventful party time with all new friends!

Awesome place, fantastic food, service and atmosphere. The music was OK but, not great. Too samey.

Craig, 5/3/2022


16. Pacha

  • club
Pacha Barcelona

Photo credits: Pacha

Pacha Barcelona is a must-see party venue that boasts of 2 indoor rooms and the terrace designed by Pepe López del Hoyo. It's patterned from Ibiza clubs style characterized with white tones, contrast red hues - perfect for an unforgettable night out on the town! Open every night until 5am.

Pacha is the hottest nightclub in Puerto Olimpico. With international DJs and artists playing throughout each night, it promises non-stop dance music to satisfy even your most discerning party animal needs! True enough their cherry logo fits them like a glove as they're known for serving up some juicy sweet temptations that everyone should experience while on this side of Spain!

Fantastic place to enjoy a night out. The music is great and the atmosphere is electric. The club is spacious and the dance floor is always packed with people having a good time. The staff is friendly and the drinks are reasonably priced. It's a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, making for a fun and diverse crowd. Overall, Pacha Nightclub is definitely worth a visit for anyone looking for a fun night out in Barcelona.

V, 3/26/2023


17. Opium

  • club
Opium Barcelona

Photo credits: Opium

The Opium is a popular nightlife hot spot in the city. This large club has capacity for 2000 people and yet maintains exclusive status to give excellent service to its patrons, open every single night from midnight-6 am!

The Opium Club is a must for those who love modern and avant-garde vibes. There's not one but five VIP areas, plus they have an outdoor terrace with great views of the Mediterranean Sea. As if all this wasn't enough already, their Secret Room will make you groove until dawn as world famous DJs play hot music! International singers like Shakira or David Guetta can often be found here while Tiesto and Steve Aoki love playing his beats too - so come party at The OPIUM CLUB today!"

Great dinner with my ladies! The food and the stuff are amazing and Damian treated us super good! We wil come back for sure, thank you so much❤️!

Nicole, 4/16/2023


18. Sutton

  • club
Sutton Barcelona

Photo credits: Sutton

The Sutton nightclub in the city of Barcelona is becoming one of its best choices for party-lovers. The highly designer and high end décor has made it an attractive place to go clubbing at night with all its luxurious features that are sure not only make you feel comfortable but also give off a classy vibe - like entering into someone's home!

Once inside, you're welcomed by low lit VIP areas which can be found on either side as well as Cream Colored couches giving this space warmth beyond words, making you want more time spent here before leaving!

Sutton's is the place to be for an unforgettable night with your friends. Be sure not to miss out on this event! The venue offers a best music and chic clubbing attire in Barcelona city, so you can enjoy all of its madness until dawn breaks

Awesome club, amaizing music👌👌

Erind, 5/1/2023

Final word

Barcelona is a city that's alive with energy, history, and excitement, and nowhere is that more apparent than in its club scene. From bohemian hideaways to sheer glitz and glamour, the clubs of Barcelona offer endless possibilities for memorable nights out.

In this 2023 edition of our guide to the best clubs in Barcelona, we've taken a comprehensive look at the city's finest party spots. Whether you're a hardcore clubber or simply looking for a night out on the town, we're confident that you'll find plenty here to satisfy your cravings.

So get ready to dance, drink, and socialize with a fashionable, international crowd as we explore the hottest clubs that this vibrant city has to offer. With our guide in hand, the possibilities are endless, and the night is yours for the taking. So book your flights and pack your dancing shoes - Barcelona is waiting for you!

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