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Cova Paris

Photo credits: Cova Paris

30+ Clubs Open On Friday In Paris (2024 Update)

Explore Paris nightlife with our guide to the top clubs for amazing Friday nights.

Written by Claire Dubois

Updated on March 13, 2024

Are you ready for the excitement of Paris nightlife? Picture yourself exploring the heart of Paris, where unforgettable nights await in the city's best clubs. Imagine walking through the vibrant night scene, with over 30 amazing clubs open on Friday nights just for you. Each place offers something unique and exciting, from fancy lounges with velvet ropes to thrilling underground techno spots. This guide is your key to it all. Get ready to see, taste, and dance in ways that speak to your heart. Looking for a classy evening or a wild party? Our list has the perfect spot for you. So, are you set to dive into the night and see why Paris shines brightest after dark? Join us on this adventure where every sound, taste, and light is an invitation to something wonderful.

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Vibrant nightclub scene at L'Arc Paris, filled with people dancing under cool blue lights and bold "LARC" signage.

Photo credits: L'Arc


1. L'Arc

What is it? L'Arc Paris is right next to the famous Arc de Triomphe. It's more than just a nightclub. It's your ticket to a fancy, thrilling night in Paris.

Why we love it: L'Arc Paris brings the spirit of Paris nights to life. Its stunning design and lively mood stand out. The music mixes cool house beats with hip-hop, drawing in a fun mix of people, including stars during the exciting Fashion Weeks. Known as one of the top clubs in the world, getting a table here means you're in for a night of special moments you'll always remember.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

12 rue de Presbourg, 75016 Paris

Vibrant nightclub scene at Alma Club Paris featuring a DJ at the decks and a dancer under a glowing spotlight, with a lively crowd enjoying the music.

Photo credits: Alma Club


2. Alma Club

What's it about? Alma Paris is the go-to spot for nightlife, super close to the fancy Théâtre des Champs-Elysées.

Why it's cool: At Alma Paris, every night is a new adventure. Created by Felix Wu and Antonin Cornet with a magical touch by Lola Ferrara, it's a place that promises memories you won't forget. Once the clock hits midnight, get ready to dive into a world filled with the best music—like Deep House and Electro beats by top DJs. But it's not just about the music. The amazing performances, from sky-high aerialists to eye-catching video art, make sure your night is far from boring. At Alma Paris, the night doesn't end; it's just getting started.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

15 avenue de Montaigne, 75008 Paris

A stylish man in sunglasses and a patterned shirt enjoys a lively night out at Silencio Paris, surrounded by a bustling crowd.

Photo credits: Silencio


3. Silencio

What is it? Silencio Paris sits in the lively 2nd area of Paris, known as the top place for night fun. It looks modern and cool, making sure your night is one to remember.

Why we love it: This place shines with different kinds of music, from smooth soul to lively techno, played by top DJs and live bands. It’s buzzing with energy, attracting a stylish group of people who love diverse music. The place is comfy and fashionable, perfect for losing yourself in the music, meeting cool people, and dancing all night. Silencio Paris is where every night is an exciting adventure – it’s the heart of Paris nightlife at its best.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

Taboo Paris

Photo credits: TABOO



What is it? Taboo brings a new vibe to the famous Champs-Elysées area. With its leopard prints and bright lights, this nightclub pulls you into the city's exciting heart. It's the place to be for fun nights out.

Why we love it: Taboo lights up Paris from Thursday to Saturday with awesome electro and house music. It's perfect for those who love to feel young and have a blast. Here, you'll find a mix of comfort and top music beats. Looking for a night of cool dances and great memories? Taboo is your spot. Dive into the lively, unforgettable energy of Paris's best party place.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

42 rue du Colisée, 75008 Paris

Raspoutine Paris

Photo credits: Raspoutine


5. Raspoutine

What is it? Raspoutine Paris used to be a Russian cabaret. Now, it's one of Paris' hottest clubs. It's close to the Champs Elysées and offers much more than a regular venue. It's a special place with a rich history and a lot of glam.

Why we love it: Raspoutine Paris is the perfect mix of cool and quality. Its stylish look and exclusive events make it more than just a night out. It's an unforgettable experience. From Thursday to Saturday, the place comes alive with cool deep house music. It's not just any club; it's where the heart of Paris beats the strongest.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

58 Rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris

Giulia Club Paris

Photo credits: Giulia Club


6. Giulia Club

What is it? Giulia takes you on a magical trip to Paris, mixing top-notch Italian food with exciting nightlife at Giulia Club. This place is perfect for a romantic evening or a fun night out with friends because of its cozy and elegant vibe.

Why we love it: Giulia is amazing. It looks stylish yet fun with its marble, comfy seats, and warm lights. The mood is always right with a mix of classic and new songs playing in the background. When the night comes, Giulia Club opens from Thursday to Saturday. There, you can dance to Italian tunes and today's hits, making your night unforgettable.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

20 Rue Quentin-Bauchart, 75008 Paris

Bridge Club Paris

Photo credits: Bridge Club


7. Bridge Club

What is it? Bridge Club Paris is the top spot for a fun night out, right under the famous Pont Alexandre III. It sits in the lively Port des Champs-Élysées area, offering amazing views of the Seine river and Paris's famous sights.

Why we love it: This club mixes style and fun perfectly. Its cool and bold look draws a lively crowd that loves to dance to a mix of music, from electronic to hip-hop. It's a place where people from all over come together to party late into the night, creating lasting memories. Come feel the best of Paris's nightlife in a club where the party never stops.

Friday, Saturday

Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris

BoumBoum Paris

Photo credits: BoumBoum Paris


8. Boum Boum

What is it? Boum Boum sits in Paris's stylish 8th district, close to the famous Arc de Triomphe. Open since September 2017, it quickly became a top spot for nightlife. This trendy club has it all: a cozy lounge area with deep house music and a lively dance floor with today's hits.

Why we love it: Boum Boum Paris is more than a club. It's a mix of fun confetti, bright sparks, and smoke that makes every night special. It brings together hip hop and house music, plus it's a spot for stars during Paris Fashion Week—Cardi B and Tony Parker have been here! Yes, it's tough to get in, but that's what makes it so special. It's a night of fashion, amazing music, and fun. Join the Boum Boum craze.

Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

37 avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris

Outdoor seating at Solum Paris Nightclub with groups of people chatting under string lights and a waterfront view.

Photo credits: Solum


9. Solum

What is it? Right under the big arches of Pont Alexandre III, Solum Paris is a stunning spot that lights up the night. This cool place has a big 300m2 outdoor area with amazing views, high ceilings covered in art, and a lively mood.

Why we love it: It's where style and fun come together. Solum Paris makes every night special, like a magical Paris party. The music, laughs, and talks create a vibe you can't resist. With people from all over, Solum is the place for great times, new friends, and the real feel of Paris nightlife. It's more than just a night out; it's an unforgettable experience.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Pont Alexandre III, 75007 Paris

Energetic nightclub scene at Deflower Paris with people celebrating under fiery sparklers and vibrant lights.

Photo credits: Deflower


10. Deflower

What is it? Deflower shines bright in the night of a famous city, alive from 9 pm to 3 am. It brings a new, lively spark to France's nightlife. Here, the party goes on till dawn, with non-stop dancing and endless drinks.

Why we love it: Deflower buzzes with energy. Its sounds come alive with vinyls and clear Marshall speakers, all under glowing neon lights. It's more than just a club; it's a unique mix of cool studio and cozy speakeasy, filled with comfy sofas. Enter a place lit by vintage mics and brass, for an unforgettable night journey.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

23 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris

Cova Paris

Photo credits: Cova


11. Cova

What is it? In the heart of Paris, just a short walk from the Champs-Élysées, you'll find Cova Paris at 67 rue Pierre Charron. This isn't just any nightclub. It's a place where Paris's night buzz comes to life. Open from 11:30 PM to 5:00 AM on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, Cova turns the night into an exciting journey.

Why we love it: Cova Paris is the spirit of Paris nightlife. It's full of energy and stylish people. Here, music takes over, and each night is a fresh adventure. It's perfect for both locals and visitors. At Cova, you're plunged into a world of great tunes, cool vibes, and magical moments. It's more than just dancing the night away—it's where the heart of Paris beats stronger.

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday

67 rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris

Bagatelle Paris

Photo credits: Bagatelle


12. Bagatelle

Bagatelle Paris is the top spot for nightlife in the city. Located right in the center, it's open from 11 PM to 5 AM, Thursday to Saturday.

Here's why we love it: Bagatelle isn't just any club. It's where the coolest people go to experience the best of Paris at night. The vibe is electric, with top DJs playing every night and stunning light shows. It's where style and dancing come together to make unforgettable evenings full of fun and the true spirit of Paris nightlife.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

42 route de Sevres, 75016 Paris

Gate Club Paris

Photo credits: Gate Club


13. Gate Club

What is it? Gate Club is in Paris' 17th district. Created by Haïku and Culture, it's a new spot with a big dance floor and a cool bar. It shines with Ato Designs' lights and sounds that match every beat.

Why we love it: Gate Club is more than a club. It's where Paris nights become unforgettable. Its design and music make every visit special. At Gate Club, details make nights magic. It's where every evening is an exclusive Paris party. Welcome to the top spot for fun, welcome to Gate Club.

Friday, Saturday

2 place de la Porte Maillot, 75017 Paris

Kuku Paris

Photo credits: KUKU


14. KUKU

What is it? KUKU Paris is a cool place in Paris' 8th district that's both a restaurant and a night club. It's your ticket to a night you won't forget, mixing exciting vibes with amazing food.

Why we love it: KUKU Paris stands out with its lush, tropical feel and a menu that offers tasty dishes from the Mediterranean and Latin worlds. As the evening goes on, it turns into a lively club where music, from calm tunes to popular hits played by famous DJs, keeps the energy high. It's a place where food, fun, and music mix, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

23 Rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris

Le Speakeasy Paris

Photo credits: Le Speakeasy


15. Le Speakeasy

What is it? Le Speakeasy Paris, at 25 Rue Jean Giraudoux, is the heart of Paris. Step in and find yourself in the 1920s. Its cozy lights, old-school design, and piano music make your night special.

Why we love it: It's the perfect mix of old style and new cool. Come for the live tunes of all kinds, the tasty menu, or the lively folks around you. Le Speakeasy isn't just a night out—it's an adventure. Dress cool but easy, and jump into a night where the Paris vibe shines with every note and drink.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

25 Rue Jean Giraudoux, 75116 Paris

Mirage Paris

Photo credits: Mirage


16. Mirage

What's it about? In the center of Paris at 65 rue Pierre Charron, you'll find Mirage. But it's not just any club. Every Wednesday to Saturday, starting at midnight, Mirage comes alive. It's a place filled with music, fashion, and energy until the sun comes up.

Why we're fans: Mirage has a special charm. It's where Paris style meets fun vibes. It's more than just a spot - it's an adventure. The club plays all kinds of music with top DJs, offering something for everyone. At Mirage, you don't just go out, you create lasting memories. It's the perfect spot for those who want to dance all night and dive into the amazing Paris nightlife.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

65 rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris

Medellin Paris

Photo credits: Medellin


17. Medellin

What's Medellin Paris? In the heart of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower and River Seine, Medellin Paris is a top spot. It's more than just a club. It's where the night comes alive from 10 PM to 6 AM, every day.

Why it's great: Medellin Paris mixes Paris' charm with Colombia's lively spirit. Nights are filled with Latin beats and popular music, attracting a mix of locals, travelers, and trendsetters. Every visit gives you a chance to meet new people and make memories. Medellin Paris will keep you coming back for more.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

6 avenue Marceau, 75008 Paris

Matignon Paris

Photo credits: Matignon


18. Matignon

What is it? Right by the Elysée, Matignon Paris is a luxury club and top-notch restaurant all in one.

Why we love it: Matignon Paris is an experience, not just a place. Its chic look with big mirrors and stylish seats impresses and welcomes you to a night of pure class. The vibe is always right, thanks to the best Deep House music from top Paris DJs. It's where luxury meets fun, making each visit special. Whether you're hanging out with friends or dancing all night, Matignon Paris shines as a top spot in Paris' nightlife.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

3 Avenue Matignon, 75008 Paris

L'Aquarium Club Paris

Photo credits: L'Aquarium Club


19. L'Aquarium Club

What is it? L'Aquarium is a cool nightclub in Paris's 16th district, right next to the beautiful Trocadéro gardens. It has amazing views of the Eiffel Tower, making your night in Paris magical.

Why we love it: L'Aquarium is more than a place to dance. It's a luxury adventure with a huge, beautiful aquarium that makes the night special among Paris's stylish people. The best DJs play music here, and everyone gets VIP treatment, feeling like a star. L'Aquarium mixes fun, music, and the magic of Paris into one amazing night.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

5 Avenue Albert de Mun, 75016 Paris

Sparta Paris

Photo credits: Sparta


20. Sparta

What is it? Every Friday, Sparta Paris turns Boum Boum, a famous nightclub in Paris's posh 8th district, into a buzzing party spot. It's your chance to dive into one of the city's liveliest nights out.

Why we love it: Sparta Paris pumps up the vibe with its high-energy atmosphere. Throughout the night, top DJs play great hip-hop, house, and dance music for a fashionable and lively crowd. The music lifts you, and the vibe grabs you. To get in, you need some style, so dress up or choose VIP for a special look at the action. Sparta Paris at Boum Boum is where Paris's party spirit shines brightest — don't just hear about it, be there.


37 avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris

Final word

Get ready to dive into Paris's lively nights with our 2024 update on the best clubs to hit on Fridays. With over 30 spots on our list, you're all set for music, glamour, and fun like no other. From classic favorites to fresh finds, each club promises a night to remember, adding to the cool Paris night scene. Make your Fridays in Paris amazing with our top picks. And why stop there? Each Friday can be a new adventure. After all, Paris nights are just the start. Looking for more? Check out our guides for Saturday and Sunday nights too. Your perfect weekend in Paris is just waiting to happen.

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