Top 10 Best Restaurants in Saint-tropez in 2023

Casa Amor Saint Tropez

Photo credits: Casa Amor Saint Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a gorgeous seaside village on the French Riviera. It has been an iconic destination for celebrities and royalty for decades, with its famous yacht club often found in magazines and tabloids.

Saint-Tropez offers visitors a variety of things to do including beautiful beaches, luxury shopping, world-class cuisine, and exciting nightlife. There are so many places to eat in this town but here are my top 10 favorite festive restaurants that I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in St Tropez.

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1. Casa Amor

Casa Amor Saint Tropez

Photo credits: Casa Amor

We love the atmosphere at Casa Amor! It is a boho-chic shack with feet stuck right in the sand. We've often felt like we were actually in Tulum because of how true to form this place is. And that's important to us and you - not just for ambiance but also for flare, flavor, and taste!

The best Caribbean cabana bar you’ll find on the beach—Casa Amor has everything your daydreams are made of sun, sand, seafood, and cocktails. The Bohemian Kitchen serves light fare like ceviche while Gypset decor sets your mood with its raw edge look that really matches Casamora's style so well.

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2. Shellona

Shellona Saint-Tropez

Photo credits: Shellona

Shellona invites guests from all over to taste its cuisine at spacious tables. The gentle touch of the sea breeze lends charm to every moment, while soft piano music wafts through the open-air restaurant.

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3. Verde Beach

Verde beach st tropez

Photo credits: Verde Beach

At Verde by Yeeels, you can party from morning to night and taste fresh seasonal produce. This new beach in the Pampelonne landscape of Saint-Tropez has become a must-see spot very quickly.

On this beach, families, groups of friends, and loving couples come to spend a moment in the sun with delicious dishes prepared by top chef Yannick Plassart from Ducasse school. Guests can sit under macramé parasols that provide them an amazing view of Pampelonne Bay's azure waters while they enjoy their food.

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4. Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

Photo credits: Les Moulins de Ramatuelle

The view of the Mediterranean garden and its majestic trees is breathtaking from this place. Celebrate with family and friends around a beautiful table, enjoying an authentic menu that features local fish roasted over a wood fire or grilled codfish ravioli in bouillabaisse juice. How about some Grand Marnier soufflé for dessert?

Les Moulin's bar serves up drinks like mojitos, spritzers (a cocktail made with Aperol), etc., which are perfect to enjoy during happy hour!

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5. Bagatelle Beach

Bagatelle Beach St Tropez

Photo credits: Bagatelle Beach

Get away from it all this summer at Bagatelle beach in Provence. Located on over a kilometer of white sand, there are plenty of spots to stretch out and relax with your friends or family while enjoying the Mediterranean sea by day, followed by delicious meals surrounded by natural beauty as night falls. Take advantage of double beds for two under parasols where you can enjoy lunch or an afternoon nap amid turquoise waters lapping at golden sands after reserving one of their cozy cabins if total relaxation is what you seek!

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6. Loulou Ramatuelle

Loulou Ramatuelle

Photo credits: Loulou Ramatuelle

Loulou Ramatuelle is a place where you can escape your busy life. The menu features classic French cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and offers two types of dining: lunch by the beach or dinner indoors depending on how you feel that day!

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GAIO Saint Tropez

Photo credits: GAIO

The Gaio is the high-end restaurant turned nightclub that offers a new twist on the ultimate after-dinner experience. This sophisticated club was crafted with deep attention to detail, providing clients with an unforgettable evening. Whether you're looking for great food, drinks, or simply some amazing entertainment - Gaio has it all!

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8. Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Saint-Tropez

Photo credits: Nikki Beach

At Nikki Beach, you can find sand underfoot but also inflatable buoys in the shape of unicorns or flamingos for fun. There's even dancing at a central pool and food that reflects its international atmosphere. You'll easily order sushi there while reserving healthy gluten-free options too! People come to it because beyond good food, they want an unique experience in Saint-Tropez like rosé glasses giving way to cocktails overlooking Pampelonne bay during sunset without leaving this electric place behind them.

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9. Manko

Manko Saint-Tropez

Photo credits: Manko

Manko Saint-Tropez is Miami's hottest and most exclusive restaurant. The food is fantastic, the ambiance is so exotic and hedonistic you'll feel like an explorer venturing deep into uncharted territory. The staff is white-gloved impeccable, the atmosphere relaxed, and the cocktails are strong enough to lay any inhibitions to waste. What's not to love?

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Final word

I hope you enjoyed this list of 10 restaurants in Saint-Tropez that are worth visiting. Whether you're looking for a romantic night out or just want to try some new cuisine, these places will surely satisfy your appetite and impress you with their ambiance. If you have any questions about the town or need help planning your trip, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer all of your travel needs!

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