Saturday Night In Ibiza: Where To Go Out In 2023


Written by Anna

Updated on 6/4/2023

Hayaca Rooftop Ibiza

Photo credits: Hayaca Rooftop Ibiza

When it comes to partying, Ibiza tops the charts as one of the world's most sought-after destinations. And, with every passing year, the party scene just gets hotter and crazier. It's the place where the world's biggest DJs come to spin, and where revelers come to dance the night away.

If you're planning a trip in 2023 and wondering where to go out on Saturday night in Ibiza, look no further. We've got you covered with the ultimate guide to the best nightlife spots on the island. From swanky clubs to beach parties and everything in between, we'll help you navigate the scene and make sure your night out is unforgettable. Get ready to turn up the heat and let loose on the dance floor because Ibiza is waiting for you.

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1. Ushuaïa

  • restaurant
  • club
  • beach club
Ushuaia Ibiza

Photo credits: Ushuaïa

Located in Playa d'en Bossa, Ushuaïa Ibiza is a star with an international reputation. It began as one of the finest hotels on Ibiza and built its name by hosting amazing events such as world-renowned DJs playing live music.

Ushuaia has been known not just for its great music and dance floors, but also its large stage production. The club is now famous for being one of the top spots to hear new tracks from talented DJs as well produced by them or remixing old classics before they go mainstream. Before Ushuaïa became a big name in Ibiza nightlife, it hosted huge DJs that helped make their reputation quickly grow.

Went to a Sunday club night with kygo playing and it was amazing! Great crowd, awesome music and just overall fun...well worth going. Although one warning:- don't wear flip flops....unless you want feet black, red and blue and a broke pair of Havana's.

Richard, 7/25/2017


2. Hi

  • club
Hi Ibiza

Photo credits: Hi

Ibiza is known for its uniquely wild nightlife. The Hi Ibiza nightclub, coming straight from Ushuaïa Entertainment and designed with clubbers in mind, provides an exciting experience to music lovers of all genres. After putting on a successful show at their island's most famous stage hosting big names - established artists as well as underground electronic scene leaders alike!

Each night is a special experience that cannot be replicated. Hi Ibiza aims to bring together music lovers and those who love the atmosphere of dance clubs for an amazing time with friends. From Martin Garrix on Thursday nights until Armin van Buuren every Saturday evening, you won't be disappointed by any of our hosting DJs!

Fantastic club, great sound system, a great night out. We saw Armin Van Buuren on 29-08-22 and had a fantastic time in VIP. This was because our hostess Deborah was amazing. Thank you Deborah for making our night so special. VIP is Expensive but Highly recommended.

Adam, 9/9/2022


3. To Kima

  • restaurant
  • beach club
To Kima Ibiza

Photo credits: To Kima

Nestled in the heart of a bustling city, To Kima Ibiza is a go-to destination for lovers of outstanding food, scenic views, amazing music, and an incredible atmosphere. From its laid-back lounge chairs to its sleekly designed furniture, everything about To Kima exudes comfort and elegance. This beach club boasts a carefully curated music selection, blending together the finest tunes of island house, progressive, deep, and balearic beats. Enjoy breathtaking views of crystal blue waters and surrounding cliffs while delving into the wide variety of top-notch cocktails and an inspiring menu of seafood, fresh salads, and grilled meats. With its sublime atmosphere and pulsing vibe, To Kima Ibiza is simply unforgettable, offering an experience that will stay with visitors forever.

Amazing Japanese cuisine prepared fresh by qualified chefs, highly recommend their beef and seafood dishes as they are fantastic! The service was also great and nothing was too much trouble for them, thanks so much for a wonderful experience! Definitely not cheap with some dishes over 100 euro but worth it. Look forward to visiting again soon.

Robert, 5/17/2023


4. Nikki Beach

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Nikki Beach Ibiza

Photo credits: Nikki Beach

Nikki Beach Ibiza is a world-renowned beach club located on Avinguda de s'Argamassa in Ibiza. With over 20 years of experience, Nikki Beach provides the ultimate beachfront relaxation experience. This unique beach club combines music, entertainment, dining, art and fashion, creating an upscale atmosphere where guests can unwind and enjoy a diverse mix of activities. The dress code at Nikki Beach Ibiza is relaxed beach attire, while resident and guest DJs provide an energetic and lively soundtrack. The restaurant menu offers a mix of international and Spanish cuisine, including fresh seafood and rotisserie chicken. Families with children are welcome to explore the beach and restaurant, while adults can enjoy the exclusive pool area and indulge in fashion-forward beachwear essentials at the on-site lifestyle boutique. Nikki Beach Ibiza is the ultimate destination for luxury, relaxation and unforgettable experiences.

First experience at Nikki Beach in Ibiza with friends in July. The place is gorgeous, the small private beach is very relaxing and sheltered from the tourist agitation. The music is good, the cocktails are tasty, the team is very caring. Thank you for this unforgettable experience, I would definitely come back. Ps; think to arrive at the end of the morning to have the best place of the beach club and enjoy the place as much as possible. Before leaving, think to ask the reception to book a cab, it avoids you a (very very) long wait at the roadside.

Schreiber, 1/29/2023


5. Montauk Steakhouse

  • restaurant
Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza

Photo credits: Montauk Steakhouse

Nestled in the Ushuaïa Tower, Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza is a meat lover's dream. Boasting a chic, sophisticated ambiance, this restaurant promises a gastronomic experience like no other. Within moments of walking through the doors, guests are enticed by mouth-watering aromas and sizzling steaks that are sure to tantalize taste buds. Centrally located, this eatery is perfect for individuals who enjoy both beach and city life. The warm and welcoming staff help diners navigate the menu, which features an array of meats, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Montauk Steakhouse Ibiza has earned a reputation as one of the island's top gastronomic destinations, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere, terrific location and unforgettable dining experience.

What a great steakhouse! Besides the steak that melts in your mouth, everything we had was delicious and served perfectly and with charm by Amaurys. Do dare to try the turquoise bottle of smoked olive oil. You'll be surprised! If you have the opportunity to spend your dinner at Montauk, don't hesitate! Highly recommended 👌 Thank you for an excellent service, Amaurys!

Nicoleta, 7/16/2022


6. La Veranda

  • restaurant
La Veranda Ibiza

Photo credits: La Veranda

Nestled in the heart of Ibiza, La Veranda is a Caribbean-inspired restaurant that transports guests to an exotic paradise. With its cozy and intimate atmosphere, complete with colorful accents, tropical plants, and jazz and Caribbean music, visitors will feel relaxed and at home. The diverse and eclectic mix of guests - including couples, groups, and solo travelers - all share the love of good food. The tantalizing menu offers a range of savory and sweet dishes, lovingly prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients. From the salad du boucanier to the flan à la noix de coco, guests will be taken on a culinary journey that will leave their taste buds satisfied. With its unbeatable atmosphere, this restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience that will not disappoint.

This was my second visit at ATZARO and I feel I come again and again Last time we use spa and this time we had launch… from where we start warm welcome by Geli ,Victor and Miquel and rest of ATZARO family.. New season menu just started and I think it will bring lot of good words starting by my own one .. All meal was excellent cooked by chef and served by staff..food was yummy… Thank you so much for letting us.. share those moment with all you.. ambiance was womderfull Highly recommended Plz if any body are in Ibiza come ATZARO and enjoy the day….

Dilkhan, 3/4/2023


7. Octan

  • club
Octan Ibiza

Photo credits: Octan

Octan Ibiza is a legendary venue that will transport you back to the unfiltered underground club scene that made the island famous. Located in the heart of Ibiza, this is not just another nightclub, but a celebration of Ibiza's culture and world-class DJs. The atmosphere inside is electric and vibrant, with a crowd that is as diverse as it is united. The state-of-the-art VOID sound system delivers music that reverberates through your body, making you feel more alive than ever before. And with top-class DJs playing everything from techno to house, it's impossible not to dance. If you want to truly experience the spirit of Ibiza, Octan is a must-visit venue where legends are made and memories last a lifetime.

Incredible we had a great time

Alba, 5/15/2022


8. Hayaca Rooftop

  • restaurant
  • rooftop
Hayaca Rooftop Ibiza

Photo credits: Hayaca Rooftop

Located at 9 Carrer La Rioja, Hayaca Rooftop Ibiza offers guests a colorful and relaxed atmosphere with stunning views of the city. This rooftop restaurant combines Latin American cuisine from various countries to create a unique culinary journey for foodies. The crowd is diverse and friendly, and the Latin beats add to the festive atmosphere. With Fernando P. Arellano as the chef, guests can expect innovative and delicious dishes that tell a story and transport them on a journey through Latin American cuisine. Whether for a romantic dinner or a night out with friends, Hayaca Rooftop is the perfect spot to indulge your senses and experience Latin American culture at its finest. Book now and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

We have been pleased with our dinner, we made a good choice when booking and choosing this restaurant! We definitely recommend it. The highly qualified staff and also the atmosphere and the fantastic views of the sunset 🌅 We returned to Barcelona with the desire to visit them again in Ibiza.

Time, 8/16/2022


9. Es Paradis

  • club
Es Paradis Ibiza

Photo credits: Es Paradis

Located in the heart of Ibiza, Es Paradis is a clubber's haven with an unforgettable atmosphere and magnetic energy. The grand architecture and beautiful gardens complement the beats echoing throughout the dance floor, playing house, techno and dance music. Open seven nights a week from midnight until 6 am, the club attracts a lively and eclectic crowd of locals, tourists and visitors from around the world. The club's outdoor area provides a refreshing break from the heat and a perfect place to chill with friends while sipping on refreshing cocktails. Experience a night to remember at Es Paradis, it's the ultimate party destination. Be sure to book your tickets today and join the party!

Amazing place.The atmosphere is amazing, the music is excellent and nice people.

Jakub, 9/19/2020


10. Lio

  • restaurant
  • club
Lio Ibiza

Photo credits: Lio

It’s summer, and you want to grab your friends or find a new one and have a great time dancing the night away. Lio Ibiza is the place for you. With its retractable roof protecting club-goers from sun or rain, this glamorous party spot has become essential for evening entertainment on the island. With four huge bars inside the venue, nightly-themed parties with superstar DJs from around the world, and live acts so that electronic music never stops – choosing this club will make any long weekend one of ultimate fun!

Diners have the option to enjoy dinner with different types of performances happening on stage while they eat; or stay for drinks at their table overlooking the sea in order to take in all that this unique location has to offer. The 360 experience at Lío Ibiza is a dazzling masterpiece of glamour and extravagance, making it impossible not to want to never leave!

We went there for their shoe and after party and it did not disappoint. An amazing production with awesome dancers and performers, music and lighting. You can't miss this hot spot if you go to Ibiza!

Jen, 5/19/2023


11. Destino

  • restaurant
Destino Ibiza

Photo credits: Destino

At Destino Ibiza, partygoers are treated to a stunning view of the night sky and Dalt Vila from its open-air dance floor. Unlike other clubs that have cramped quarters or no space for movement, this club has plenty of room for dancing on an outdoor patio overlooking Formentera Island in the distance.

If you're looking for a fantastic time, Destino Ibiza is the place to be. The club offers an extraordinary atmosphere that keeps everyone coming back again and again: good music, great company, amazing service! There are plenty of options at every turn; dance in or lounge on one of their day beds while listening to other performances going on next door. When partying here there's no limit- except your imagination!

The best Tapas on Ibiza, by far!

Ben, 9/30/2022


12. Swag

  • club
Swag Ibiza

Photo credits: Swag

Swag Ibiza is a must-visit location for those looking to have a memorable night out. Positioned in the center of Playa d'en Bossa, this nightclub is a hub for the island's energetic nightlife atmosphere. Once inside, the contemporary setting creates an electrifying ambiance that sets the tone for a night of enjoyment. With diverse pop and dance music genres on rotation each week, the club caters to all music tastes and gets the crowd moving. Swag Ibiza attracts a diverse mix of individuals looking to elevate their nightlife experience, making for an energetic and unforgettable atmosphere. This club is an essential visit for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant nightlife scene that Ibiza has to offer.

If you want urban this is where you find it! The experience in the club is what you can hope for from somewhere playing urban tunes. Good sound system and was super happy and surprised when some Brazilian funk was played. Good evolution... nice to see Ibiza with an open mind in making the urban scene more eclectic. Also can guarantee to hear all the tunes you wanna hear - the commercial ones! Could do with a better queue system as the last time I went I waited an hour from 1-2am... so something needs to change there and speed things up ... but that’s got nothing to do with the experience once you’re in which is a good one- and a good crowd!

Amanda, 8/16/2019


13. Bambuddha

  • restaurant
Bambuddha Ibiza

Photo credits: Bambuddha

Experience the enchanting atmosphere of Bambuddha in the heart of Ibiza. This mystical temple transports you far from the chaos of the city and provides the perfect spot for a romantic evening or private event. The MediterrAsian food village offers a modern fusion of recipes, inspired by the ancient Spice Route. The sharing concept of dining brings a sense of togetherness to the table, making it perfect for social gatherings and family dinners. The music ranges from chilled-out lounge to soulful house and perfectly complements the aura of the entire restaurant. This unique restaurant embodies the spiritual and sexual essence of Ibiza, offering an unforgettable culinary and emotional journey that can't be matched. Join locals and visitors alike and indulge in the magic that is Bambuddha.

One thing is for sure: what ever you eat here, it's gonna be an experience you will remember. I had ordered different meals, some of them I didn't expect anything great from as I already knew them from other places. And yet, the bars were raised to a whole new level at Bambuddha's. The three of us had like 10 different meals and all of them were simply amazing, cooked or prepared to perfection. This perfection in cooking is accompanied by an atmosphere that is just incredible. This place is one of a kind and offers a level of comfort that is just amazing, beginning with the valet parking upon arrival. The service was excellent as well, with love to detail and attention to simply everything. All in all, this place can be recommended to everyone and I am sure to go back there everytime I'm on Ibiza.

Raffael, 1/5/2022


14. Blue Marlin

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Blue Marlin Ibiza

Photo credits: Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin Beach Club is perfect for those looking to enjoy a mix of relaxing vacation activities and excitement since it offers guests to live performances, music at the amphitheater as well as DJs spinning tunes on multiple levels with two bars. This Spanish-style venue will satisfy even the most demanding guests by adding in international DJ talent that combines ancient Mediterranean traditions like Flamenco dancing all set against one of nature's best backdrops.

The Blue Marlin Beach Club is one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza. The music you will find here suits every mood, with seasonal guests and indoor and outdoor spaces to party until the sun comes up. With a beautiful location right on Playa del Fuego, this club offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation because there are always activities that suit your needs whether it's the beach or more exhilarating surroundings like their live shows week nights. Regardless of what you're looking for, they have something for everyone!

Maybe the best spot on Ibiza where you can have a drink at sunset, party and finish the long weekend - do not miss it on Sunday evening

Giovanni, 2/11/2023


15. The View

  • restaurant
The View Ibiza

Photo credits: The View

Indulge in a gastronomic journey at The View Ibiza where creative cuisine meets breathtaking views. This hidden gem on the island's west coast offers an idyllic location under the protection of Es Vedrà, with panoramic views of Ibiza's crystal-clear water. The restaurant's Nordic-inspired decor sets a sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, and the impeccable service ensures a pampered experience. As the sun sets, Chef Andres Fernandez's classical inspiration and creative touch shine through each dish, providing an unforgettable dining experience. The crowd is as diverse as it is refined, and the restaurant caters to romantic dinners or special occasions. For anyone seeking a one-of-a-kind dining experience in Ibiza, The View Ibiza is the perfect choice.

Simply amazing. From the view, to the food and the service!

Bledi, 8/28/2021


16. IT

  • restaurant
It Ibiza

Photo credits: IT

IT Ibiza is a unique restaurant located in the vibrant Puerto Deportivo Marina Botafoch. The restaurant offers breathtaking panoramic views of the marina and creates a perfect ambiance for an intimate dinner with friends, family or loved ones. The restaurant delivers an extraordinary dining experience with its chic and stylish setting. It seamlessly blends modern sophistication with laid-back Ibiza charm, attracting a diverse clientele. The music at IT restaurant is thoughtfully curated to offer guests a variety of atmospheric lounge tunes and vibrant beats. The food menu perfectly infuses traditional Spanish cuisine with international flavors, creating a gastronomic feast. IT Ibiza is the perfect restaurant for anyone in search of an ethereal dining experience in the heart of Ibiza Marina.

The food, music, atmosphere and the view of the marina was beyond perfect..suggest booking in advance

Osama, 7/25/2021


17. Aubergine

  • restaurant
Aubergine Ibiza

Photo credits: Aubergine

Aubergine Ibiza is a hidden treasure located in the heart of Ibiza's countryside. This farm-to-table restaurant is a true culinary gem serving healthy and wholesome food made with fresh produce, offering an authentic dining experience. The ambiance is romantic and chic, with a series of intimate terraces, perfect for enjoying a private meal with loved ones. Aubergine's menu celebrates nature, with vegetarian, vegan, meat, and fish options, all made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. In addition to the outstanding cuisine, the restaurant's olive-green accented decor, serene garden terrace, and soothing music create a magical atmosphere that will make you want to come back for more. Experience the genuine charm of Ibiza, visit Aubergine.

One of our favorite restaurants on the island. Constant quality that never let us down in the past few years. Part of the Atzaró group of hospitality businesses. Aubergine offers a nice setting with great outdoor seating, good food for different types of audiences. Some nice choices for both meat lovers as well as vegetarians. Not super cheap but not super expensive either. Yesterday I had the ceviche (vegetarian) as a starter and calamari as a main. The starter is my all time favorite here for years. Main was also nice. Aubergine: I would recommend to pay them a visit during your stay.

Hein, 5/17/2023


18. Amnesia

  • club
Amnesia Ibiza

Photo credits: Amnesia

I have been to the club Amnesia in Ibiza and it is so amazing! Whether you want a dark room or a bright arena, this place has something for everyone. The most exciting part of all is when they turn on their ice cannons which will shoot huge blasts out into the dancefloor at random times throughout each night.

At amnesia, you can party every day of the week! Although it might be difficult to remember your night due to how fun this club is. There are multiple themed parties that cover all types of genres and interest so there's something for everyone here.

It’s in the Top3 of the best clubs in Ibiza. Always a good party with a crazy crowd. Cheap drinks and not too much VIP. The new sound system is next level. Love the Terrace vibe 💥

Frank, 10/2/2022


19. Cova Santa

  • restaurant
  • club
  • beach club
Cova Santa Ibiza

Photo credits: Cova Santa

The Cova Santa restaurant is a bastion of culinary excellence and the epitome of attentive service. Many celebrities, royalty, and other members of high society have enjoyed their meals within its walls - a place where each guest feels special because they are treated as such by hospitable waiters who never fail to make them feel at home with every bite.

Dining at the restaurant is an unforgettable experience, as every dish will surprise you! The food combines Mediterranean and ethnic influences to create a creative cuisine that aims for perfect flavor.

Event brands like All Day I Dream, Pyramid, Do Not Sleep and Rumours will be hosting a series for the best Ibiza has to offer! Cova Santa Ibiza is inviting some amazing talent from all over the world including Sasha (US), Guy Gerber (Israel) Ricardo Villalobos(Sweden), Lee Burridge (UK), Adam Beyer (Netherlands). The White Island Orchestra is coming as well with their live set of iconic classics.

Amaizing place! Good music, and little bit small on night time when is full od people, but have good atmosphere.

Adrian, 6/17/2022


20. Tanit Beach Club

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Tanit Beach Club Ibiza

Photo credits: Tanit Beach Club

Experience pure tranquility and relaxation at Tanit Beach Club in Ibiza. Named after the mythological goddess of fertility and the moon, this enchanting beach club offers a sophisticated venue for any occasion. Decorated with elegance and refinement, Tanit's "Signature Cuisine" inspired menu satisfies even the most discerning of palates. Soak in the serene atmosphere, lulled by the relaxing music, as our expert staff caters to your every need on beach beds or loungers. With breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters and golden sands, Tanit Beach Club offers unforgettable moments and is a hotspot for both international and local guests. Make your special event unforgettable with the goddess Tanit's blessing at Tanit Beach Club.

What a brilliant place and brilliant atmosphere. The food is absolutely amazing and the DJ was delivering brilliant music. Don't be confused by the random girls doing a cat wall down the middle of the restaurant, turns out there is a shop attached to the back. It had a few patrons confused as they didn't advertise the shop part at all. If you get a chance to go.... go!

Andy, 10/16/2021


21. Sunset Ashram

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Sunset Ashram Ibiza

Photo credits: Sunset Ashram

Sunset Ashram in Ibiza is a paradise for anyone seeking an extraordinary culinary and natural experience. Nestled along the coast of Cala Conta, this venue offers breathtaking views of the turquoise sea, white sandy beach, and beautiful natural wonders. Customers are greeted with an atmosphere of relaxation as they enter this laid-back venue, where locals and tourists of all ages come together to enjoy live performances from local musicians. The menu features a diverse array of dishes, from fresh seafood to Indian, Japanese, and Mediterranean cuisine, all prepared by talented chefs who use only the freshest, high-quality ingredients. With their state-of-the-art app, visitors can stay up-to-date with the latest news and capture the experience through social media channels. Sunset Ashram is a must-visit spot for those looking for an unforgettable experience in Ibiza.

It's a good place to swim snorkeling or relax, its still cold in May.

Khaled, 5/19/2023


22. O Beach

  • restaurant
  • beach club
O Beach Ibiza

Photo credits: O Beach

Experience the ultimate daytime indulgence at O Beach Ibiza - the premier beach club and restaurant situated on Carrer des Molí in San Antonio. This luxurious destination offers a unique lifestyle experience that combines sophistication and fun, with exceptional service and stunning surroundings complemented by world-class entertainment. Enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool while basking under the Mediterranean sun, set to a top-notch soundtrack that is sure to get you in the party mood. O Beach attracts a diverse crowd, both local and international, young and old, who come to soak in the picturesque scenery, high-end service, and vibrant atmosphere. For those seeking a family-friendly environment, O Beach's sister club, Bam Bu Ku, offers a tropical paradise backdrop, perfect for all ages. Whether relaxing by the pool or recovering from a night out, O Beach Ibiza promises an unforgettable experience to all its visitors.

Great day club with fancy themes and entertainment. I loved the atmosphere and the music. The swimming pool is obviously a big plus to cool down. O Beach was one of the highlights of our trip in Ibiza. Don't miss it!

Steeve, 9/15/2022


23. Eden

  • club
Eden Ibiza

Photo credits: Eden

Located in San Antonio de Portmany on Ibiza, Eden Ibiza is a historic nightclub that has been transformed into a modern party haven. With exceptional sound and lighting systems, it is an electrifying venue that attracts a high-energy crowd looking to dance until the sun comes up. The music is the star attraction, and the venue regularly hosts top DJs and live acts from across the world. Whether your taste is techno, house, hip hop or anything else, Eden promises an unforgettable experience. A friendly and welcoming staff will make you feel right at home, so if you're looking for a night out you'll never forget, make sure to check out Eden Ibiza.

Wow! What a night thoroughly recommended brilliant fun filled evening for all ages

Lance, 9/26/2018


24. Cotton Beach Club

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Cotton Beach Club Ibiza

Photo credits: Cotton Beach Club

Cotton Beach Club Ibiza is the premier destination for anyone seeking the ultimate blend of iconic Ibiza beach life and luxurious experiences. Perched atop a scenic cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the restaurant and beach club offers mouth-watering Mediterranean-inspired cuisine coupled with breathtaking views. With opening hours from 13:00 to 23:00 seven days a week, the highly-sought-after club attracts trendsetters, fashion leaders, and influencers from around the world. Its warm and welcoming ambiance coupled with upbeat music draws in a mix of sun-kissed vacationers, locals, and party-goers. From lounging on comfortable sunbeds and sipping on cocktails to enjoying a sumptuous meal with stunning views, Cotton Beach Club Ibiza offers something for everyone. Get ready to elevate your beach life and experience the ultimate Ibiza vibe at Cotton Beach Club Ibiza.

I absolutely loved this place. From spectacular views to amazing service from Mario’s. We had the scallops and lobster salad as our appetizer. We also had their king crab roll and the fried jasmine rice with lobster. Both the lobster salad and rice had a good amount of lobster. I would highly recommend if you want the best service make sure to ask for Mario’s. We also had the sangria and it was the best sangria I’ve ever had! The cava sangria!

Miguel, 4/27/2022


25. Club Chinois

  • club
Club Chinois Ibiza

Photo credits: Club Chinois

For those seeking an extravagant and exclusive nightclub experience in Ibiza, Club Chinois is not to be missed. The decor is a blend of elegant chinoiserie details and intricate Chinese lanterns that transport guests to a land of luxury and sophistication. World-renowned DJs provide the music that keeps the energy high all night long, attracting an eclectic crowd from around the globe. The venue's view of the marina adds to the ambiance, allowing guests to take a break from dancing to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The club is open from Thursday to Saturday, with a closing time of 6:30 am, ensuring that visitors can dance the night away. Subscribers to the email list receive exclusive event access and updates, guaranteeing that they never miss out on the most thrilling lineup yet. Dress to impress and be prepared for an unforgettable journey at Club Chinois Ibiza.

When others are discussing about the club, I would like to note that very satisfied with booking communication, responses and service. Stefanie keep it up, thx.

Travelograph, 9/30/2022


26. Amante

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Amante Ibiza

Photo credits: Amante

Amante Ibiza is the ideal oasis for those who seek peace and the chance to indulge in Ibiza's non-party-side. It is a restaurant and beach club offering an array of luxuries for a day of relaxation and leisure. Nestled atop a cliff, the establishment's hypnotic Mediterranean Sea view and peaceful ambiance will transport you into a world of tranquility. Regardless of whether you’d like to chill on the beach, swim in the crystal clear water or sunbathe, Amante's beach club has all that you need to relax. Exceptional Mediterranean-inspired cuisine using high-quality ingredients is the highlight of Amante's restaurant. Celestial cinema nights, yoga classes, and great music round out the Amante experience. With a blend of locals and tourists, Amante Ibiza is an offering of paradise necessary to break the chaos of the island's club scenario.

Lovely restaurant by the coast. You’ll have a beautiful view, delicious food and great service. Try their espresso martini for dessert, it’s amazing. Limoncello shot on the house. The restaurant is a bit off, so you have no stores or anything close by. There’s a beach below the restaurant, however it’s no sand, just stones, so swimming isn’t really a nice option.

Lidia, 8/28/2022


27. Tox

  • club
Tox Ibiza

Photo credits: Tox

If you're seeking a nightlife experience that will leave a lasting impression, look no further than Tox Ibiza. This club, located in the bustling San Antonio district, is the go-to destination for those looking to let loose and have fun. With its futuristic decor and state-of-the-art sound system, the atmosphere is electric, and the energy only intensifies as the night progresses. But what truly sets Tox apart from other clubs is its diverse and inclusive crowd - party-goers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome. Whether you want to dance the night away or relax with a premium cocktail, Tox has something for everyone. So come and experience the excitement and unforgettable memories waiting for you at Tox Ibiza.

Top club, good music and class people and very good sound 😎🙌

Iuliana, 6/20/2022


28. OKU

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Oku Ibiza

Photo credits: OKU

OKU Ibiza is a beachfront restaurant and beach club that epitomizes the essence of the white isle. Its location along the Camí del Portixol, overlooking the glistening Mediterranean Sea, offers picturesque views of the island. As the sun sets, the venue transforms into a captivating space with soft lighting and a curated mix of classic and contemporary tunes ranging from house, techno, and world music. The DJs are world-class talents who infuse their passion into their sets. OKU's diverse crowd welcomes Ibiza regulars, international travelers, and locals, creating an enchanting community that energizes and invites. Whether you desire a leisurely beach day or a wild party, OKU Ibiza has an unforgettable experience in store.

Great experience tonight, went for my sister in law's birthday and didn't disappoint. We ordered a lot but it was well timed to not be too much at the table at once, staff very attentive and the Sashimi and Wagyu were amazing! Thank you chef and staff for a wonderful evening! For more food reviews follow my IG page @alittlepotluck ⭐

Rebecca, 5/18/2023


29. Nassau Beach Club

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Nassau Beach Club Ibiza

Photo credits: Nassau Beach Club

Nassau Beach Club Ibiza offers a luxurious and exclusive beach club experience like no other. Located on the iconic beach of Playa d'en Bossa, just minutes from the heart of the island, guests are greeted with world-class dining and the soothing sounds of the Mediterranean Sea. Nassau Beach Club is not just a beach club or a restaurant - it's a lifestyle. With live music, internationally-renowned DJs, and exotic performers, the entertainment is sure to cater to every taste. The club attracts a sophisticated and glamorous crowd, ranging from celebrities to international jetsetters. A visit to Nassau Beach Club Ibiza promises to be an exceptional experience of laidback luxury, exotic surroundings, and fabulous entertainment.

This is definitely one of the better places for food and drinks. Staff is friendly and helpful. Wifi is free and works relatively well. Try Sangria Blanc which is an absolute topper. The slow cooked beef cheek was gorgeous, seriously the best I have ever had. Prices from 5 euro for beer to 1200 euro for Dom Perignon champagne. You can take your meal and drinks on the beach with luxury lounge beds or you can eat inside. Nice lounge music and good atmosphere. Highly recommended.

Mario, 10/27/2019


30. La Gaia

  • restaurant
La Gaia Ibiza

Photo credits: La Gaia

La Gaia Ibiza is a prestigious culinary destination located in the Ibiza Gran Hotel 5*GL. Owned and operated by the renowned Spanish chef, Óscar Molina, this Michelin-starred restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience unlike any other. The atmosphere is elegant and contemporary, with soft music creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening or special occasion. The locally sourced ingredients are expertly crafted into beautifully presented dishes, bursting with flavor and creativity, that have earned the restaurant its Michelin star. The wine list is also curated to perfectly compliment each dish. Whether dining solo or celebrating with a group, La Gaia offers exceptional service and unforgettable cuisine that is sure to impress even the most discerning food enthusiasts.

Very good experience. Proffesional staff. The food was amazing and tasty, is for people who really love good food! Sommelier was really nice and helpful. One problem: We had reservation, but we had to wait 45 minutes for the table. However, until we were waiting they give us somewhere to sit and some tapas and prosecco for free.

Desislava, 9/9/2022


31. Pacha

  • club
Pacha Ibiza

Photo credits: Pacha

Pacha Ibiza is an open space of love where the dance floor beckons anyone to come in, enjoy themselves. The walls are exposed as they enclose a hippie-nostalgia atmosphere full of modern technology and hazy memories from beautiful faces that bring back summers gone by with today's music will get your body moving without hesitation or regret.

Pacha Ibiza has welcomed many guests since opening its doors more than 40 years ago, but none embody the spirit quite like those who visit it now. The club is famous for being an accepting place where people can be themselves without fear of judgment from others. A night at Pacha feels dreamlike; a mixture of bright lights and Mediterranean moonlight as you dance to house or techno music together with your friends!

Tom staar and Nervo are cool ! I came to Robin Schultz set, but may say that the previous were awesome! atmosphere and go-go dancing girls are amazing )

Daniil, 5/26/2023


32. OD Sky Bar

  • restaurant
  • rooftop
Od Sky Bar Ibiza

Photo credits: OD Sky Bar

Enjoy a chic and sophisticated rooftop experience at OD Sky Bar in the heart of Ibiza. Greeted by breathtaking views of the cityscape and Mediterranean sea, the trendy decor and laidback atmosphere make it an ideal location for both a night out with friends or a romantic evening. Expect carefully curated music to suit the mood of the evening, with live DJs playing the latest tunes to keep the crowd moving. A diverse and eclectic crowd of locals, expats and tourists intermingle in the friendly and welcoming environment. A lively and vibrant atmosphere is guaranteed, whether you prefer to relax with a drink or dance under the stars. Visit OD Sky Bar for an unforgettable night out in Ibiza.

Spent 7 days there! Negatives - parking space, no pool, small rooms!!!! Positives- very very good service! Let me start off the person at the check in Zulaei was very polite, kind always catered to all needs and was everyday with a bright big smile to greet you! Nico another person who was in the reception took extra note of our needs! The best of all was Manuel in the kitchen! Simply a superb Amazing person who is with the biggest smile and making people laugh and smile all the time!!! Excellent service. We were sad about the room sizes for a 4 star but the people made it worth the stay! I am surely going back there next time!!! Thank you!

Shashwath, 7/10/2021


33. Café Giri

  • restaurant
Café Giri Ibiza

Photo credits: Café Giri

Café Giri, located in the heart of Ibiza's Plaza de España, is a must-visit culinary destination for locals and tourists alike. This charming restaurant expertly combines stunning design, cultural flair, and mouth-watering food to deliver a truly unforgettable dining experience. The interior of the 300-year-old townhouse reflects the essence of Ibiza, with modern decor and sun-kissed walls. The garden, adorned with greenery and twinkling lights, is the perfect setting to enjoy their delicious dishes crafted with the freshest ingredients highlighting, the vibrant colors and aromas of the beautiful island. Friendly staff and a sophisticated crowd make for a laid-back and inviting atmosphere enhanced by an eclectic playlist of Ibiza's famous DJs. Café Giri is where art, gastronomy, and sophistication meet, making it the ideal destination for a memorable night out.

We try to come here every time we are on the island. Such a beautiful and chic place to spend a lunchtime. Not cheap but quality and tasty ingredients beautifully presented so worth it in my opinion.

Heidi, 8/5/2019


34. Beso Beach

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Beso Beach Ibiza

Photo credits: Beso Beach

Beso Beach Ibiza is a unique restaurant and beach club situated on Ses Salines beach in Ibiza. It offers a magical and energised atmosphere, with its fusion of stunning surroundings, uplifting music, and exquisite cuisine, including seafood and paellas inspired by Basque-Mediterranean flavours, made with the freshest and high-quality ingredients. This cosmopolitan and vibrant venue is perfect for celebrating special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events. Beso Beach is more than just a place to eat; it's a whole sensory experience that refreshes both your body and mind, leaving an everlasting impression on all attendees. Come and immerse yourself in the soul-soothing oasis of Beso Beach Ibiza.

Cool place in Ibiza, one of my favourite places. Ask for Noelia , she's the best

Giuseppe, 5/8/2023


35. Beachouse

  • restaurant
  • beach club
Beachouse Ibiza

Photo credits: Beachouse

Nestled on Carrer 34 de la Platja d'en Bossa in Ibiza is the captivating Beachouse - a beach club and restaurant that immerses you in a Bohemian wonderland. As soon as you arrive, you'll feel at home thanks to the warm welcome from both the staff and patrons. The ambiance is electric, fueled by Latin beats and a vibrant energy that permeates the air. The menu boasts delicious dishes that honor the free-spirited nature of Ibiza, and cater to every preference. With a breathtaking view of the sea, Beachouse is a sanctuary for creatives and foodies alike to let their hair down and soak up the Balearic spirit. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this enchanting experience; book your spot today and get ready for a Boho paradise.

Lovely place ..stopped for breakfast

Cm,carpentry, 4/26/2023


36. Privilege

  • club
Privilege Ibiza

Photo credits: Privilege

Privilege Ibiza is unlike any nightclub you've seen before. With a swimming pool in the center of an aircraft hangar, it's been named "the World's Largest Club." It has become famous for its grandiose parties that smash down all previous boundaries!

Ibiza, the party island of Europe! Ibiza is home to some great clubs and a world-renowned private swimming pool with unbeatable views. Privilege Ibiza has Manumission - where all are free to express themselves without fear or retribution or judgment. If you want clubbing that takes up most of your time when traveling for leisure there's no better place than here at this beachside establishment.

A magnificent night. Myself and 3 mates arrived in Ibiza after a long haul flight from Australia. On arrival we were nackered, headed out for our first paella, I was tired nearly asleep so I dropped my first,s I just Ineeded to push through, finish my paella and head into Privilege. I made it, but before I could get in, I had already lost my ticket. Not an issue I just purchased another and with that took my second and last as it was only our first night and I didn't want to have a blow out. Anyway I think I had a wonderful night, I moved into a parallel universe, something similar to the Alex kidd game on Sega master system. I battled it out with a few end level bosses and then returned to my natural self, just like the scene in vampire in NY I was naked, with only my shoes. Unfazed I proceeded on a mission to obtain some clothing. I politely asked a few of the locals, however the best they could offer was a small tea towel. I had to take this into my own hands. I had always wanted to do a B&E and this was the perfect opportunity. I lept over the back fence, snuck in the back door... And the rest is history. Great night will do it again.

Rob, 9/20/2019

Final word

In conclusion, Ibiza never ceases to amaze its visitors with its unmatched party vibes and luxurious experiences. The year 2023 seems to hold even more promising events that are sure to excite all party-goers. From the glamorous Hï Ibiza to the sophisticated Blue Marlin, there are endless ways to indulge in the island's upscale nightlife. With its stunning beaches, impeccable service, and stunning sunsets, Ibiza offers the ultimate destination for a luxurious night out. Whether it's a wild all-nighter or a classy drink at a beachside bar, your Saturday night in Ibiza is guaranteed to be unforgettable. The only question left is, which of these hotspots will you choose first?

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