Where to party in Paris?

Welcome in @city

Welcome in Paris!

If you are looking to go out in Paris, you are on the right track.
You will find here all you need to know about the nightlife in Paris – from the best clubs to party in Paris to the entry prices and bottle menus… we got you covered.

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Clubs Open

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Azur paris


4.4/5 (31 reviews)

In the Pont Neuf gardens

Bagatelle paris


4.3/5 (129 reviews)

The Sun is Back!

Boum Boum paris

Boum Boum

4.8/5 (242 reviews)

Come Sing, Dance & Club With Us

Chez Blue paris

Chez Blue

4.6/5 (73 reviews)

Welcome in our Blue World

Chez Mila paris

Chez Mila

4.4/5 (92 reviews)

The Trendiest Boat of Iena

Cocoon Island paris

Cocoon Island

4.3/5 (42 reviews)

Every Tuesday at Chez Mila

Cova paris


4.3/5 (38 reviews)

Goodbye Reality, Hello Cova

Deflower paris


4.3/5 (67 reviews)

From Paris with Love

Freshtouch paris


4.2/5 (23 reviews)

Every Sunday, The Craziest Party

Jizo Paris paris

Jizo Paris

5.0/5 (1 reviews)

Positive Brunch

Lalaland paris


4.6/5 (101 reviews)

Welcome to our Crazy Universe

L'Aquarium paris


3.8/5 (99 reviews)

Become the Mermaid of your Dreams

L'Arc paris


4.5/5 (219 reviews)

Next to the Etoile Square, let's Party under the Stars

Mademoiselle Mouche paris

Mademoiselle Mouche

4.0/5 (162 reviews)

Cocktails, Garden and View 

Maison Blanche paris

Maison Blanche

3.9/5 (54 reviews)

Best Rooftop of Paris - Only on Saturday

Manko Club paris

Manko Club

4.5/5 (154 reviews)

Every Friday and Saturday Night from Midnight

Matignon paris


4.5/5 (189 reviews)

Restaurant & Club

Medellin paris


4.1/5 (113 reviews)

Comemos, Bebemos y Hacemos la Fiesta!!

Mia Verde paris

Mia Verde

4.4/5 (528 reviews)

Festive Dinner

Mirage paris


4.2/5 (32 reviews)

Deep music & Good vibes Only

Monsieur Cirque paris

Monsieur Cirque

4.3/5 (132 reviews)

Make a Dream of your life

More Life paris

More Life

4.1/5 (152 reviews)

Hip-Hop US All Night

Neverland paris


4.1/5 (70 reviews)

Fly Away, it's Sunday!

Pastel paris


4.8/5 (48 reviews)

A Provencal and festive garden

Raspoutine paris


4.6/5 (60 reviews)

Russian Vibes since 1965

Sanctum paris


4.5/5 (26 reviews)

Deep Vibes Only

Tam-Tam paris


4.2/5 (139 reviews)

From Rio to Paris, your Wednesday's Party

Villa Foch paris

Villa Foch

4.4/5 (142 reviews)

Festive Dinner